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Zeus Play review

Come and meet Zeus Play software provider

With their headquarters based in Bulgaria, Zeus play is one young name on the lists of casino software suppliers around. With a fresh air coming from the eastern part of Europe, they pack some entertaining lists of gambling services for numerous platforms all around. With a personal platform developed especially for playing online with no download required, Zeus Play slots are now more than 50, among other fixed odds lottery platforms for the online. Also, all those games can be accessed and played for free also on numerous other sites and casinos.

With some international certifications of gambling quality, players can find a reliable source of playing slots for fun with some amazing online casino game apps that will offer numerous winning chances. The various names that this software provider packs can also be found on the internet in many online casino game rooms as Bet Kurus, Vbet or Champions Bet.

From a small country Zeus Play software provider takes over the world

Founded in 2012 in a small Bulgarian city that nobody can pronounce correctly, Zeus Play did not start as a traditional Igaming company, but with some amazing services brought for the entire gambling industry, the company began to grow easy and started to reach with their products other places of the entire world.

When they exclusively started to have world domination ambitions, the quality of their entertainment products began also to rise and be even better. Also, various partnerships and strategical moves allowed reaching other smaller companies in the area to even reach further countries and even continents. With a company from Cyprus, Zeus began to produce Keno games for countries in Africa, such as Nigeria and others.

For further their recognition world wide, this software provider went in the United States where the Gaming Labs International certification was awarded. This type of certification is the something that all North-American gambling producers must have attributed to their name to even function in land-based or online casinos.

Zeus Play online software provider stands tall with an own platform

With a very high range of software products offered to online casino clients around the world, the creative team of today’s software provider started to hit on some land based casinos also. All those products, also, needed a platform that could have work on various online casinos, but another one for the real life ones.

Based as a keystone in their entire gamma of products, the own developed system, and platform form playing is used and adapted from the online to the real life machines. With this new own produced platform, the software provider became and maintained the insurance to their clients that their products are always functional and easy to use.

The online casino game provider also ensured that the new platform was easily adapted from one platform to another and could be used in any market or new gambling jurisdiction. This meant that Zeus Play became a favorite name for any new client that knew he can rest assured in the knowledge that their products will follow and rules and regulations. Also, their products and platforms can come in different languages and currencies, with these features, players from around the world can try them out with more ease.

Also, another feature that clients and various casinos can install on the new platform is the presence of two different progressive jackpots. With the easy installment of such features, any player can find even more reasons to play some of his new beloved casino game fruit machines

Zeus Play software provider evolution from 3 reel fruit machines to five reel slots

The various games of Zeus Play online software provider can be accessed from everywhere around the world and played on almost every platform. From an online casino, a land-based gaming room or an internet cafe, the range of themes used by this slot producer is pretty high. Along the list of themes, simple 3 reel fruit machines can be played along with other unique designs that can cover up to 9 columns, taking the idea of classic and new even further, with no shortage of entertainment for anyone.

For players that want to get to know the entire slot machines industry, Zeus Play online software provider should be the first name to start with. It offers a high range of games, starting with the classic ones with three reels such as the following ones that provide the minimalist design with no more than 27 paylines active in each direction possible:

  • Snake Eyes
  • Hot 27 Lines Deluxe
  • Lost Temple

All of them show up some simple designs that use the classic fruit themes or a simple dice with multiple facets that spins around the slot table. Even with the minimal design, games can also be centered around different themes such as various cultures and other specific elements of history or long forgotten times.

Along the selection of classic slots comes also a five reel machine section with more than interesting designs that made the online pokies world richer with some more than entertaining names to be added to each casino top games list. There are even slots that offer players no less than 500000 credits jackpots, but with the activation of the progressives, these can get only higher with even more than astonishing rewards. There are also some classy fruit machines that can reward players with small prizes that are triggered at almost every spin in a forty payline slot game.

Also, the new five reel online casino game machines come with the new special features encountered in almost every other slot, the wilds and scatters. The five reel games come along with some amazing and unique designs and do not repeat gameplay features. There are also some machines that even with five reels present a lower number of paylines, 10, but there are others that can present and show up winnings up to 50 paylines.

Even if some themes are the classic ones, used also by other fruit machines across the internet Zeus Play software provider will present some unique features in these ones, as well some unique perspectives. The most used themes are the following ones:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Dracula and vampires
  • Ancient Greece
  • Sub Aquatic lands
  • Middle East
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