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Yoyougaming review

Welcome to Yoyougaming software provider

With many countries that turned to producing online casino game apps and machines, there was the normal turn of events so this could happen and slots could come out of China also. With so many names coming from North America, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe following the ever growing interesting online casinos that permit even more people to access the gambling websites, the licenses based in Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao or the Isle of Man paved the way for the first gambling product to come from China. Yoyougaming is surely more than a funny name, an extraordinary software provider that people will remember over the years.

With the company being founded in 2009, this casino game producer team that comes from China has emerged during a period marked with interest in the Asian betting markets. With the offers to a continuous growing catalog of video slots and 3-reel slot machines, there are now more than dozens of titles signed by Yoyougaming. Many of the before mentioned slots present interesting themes, features and bonus gameplay modes, as well as some interesting side games.

Sadly the company appears to have a limited online presence, their website is currently shut down and on social media website and pages activity stopped somewhere around 2014.

History of Yoyougaming software provider

The casino game software provider came into this world in 2009, that was a period in which the online gambling industry was starting to make way for the smaller independent game studios from outside of the well known order. Coming out from China, a country where all non-state regulated gambling is prohibited, the team behind Yoyougaming, the online casino game software provider, had a few years at their disposal to make some impressive games.

They built a portfolio that included casino games, slot machines, some lottery games and the classic card games. In the list of slots, the producers developed some interesting jackpot gameplay, not saying that every name is optimized for mobile use also.

With a promising start, Yoyougaming disappeared in only a few years. The website became inaccessible and not responding. Meanwhile, on different pages of social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, the software provider did not show any sign of life since mid-2014.

Therefore, it seems that the Chinese software provider shut down its activity. But, with some luck and research done, the CEO of today’s online casino game producer has founded a new e-gaming business in 2014, the new Interplay.

Slots by Yoyougaming software provider

When talking about the casino game apps produced by this Chinese software provider, the team behind the project installed some diversified themes and styles. There are a few games that use the Odobo platform, a third party software provider that creates platforms for playable games to be available on mobile platforms also, seem to use the dice theme and attributes of the Chinese Tradition also.

In most casino games that Youyougaming published over the years, the five reel matrix slot is a somewhat permanent design and gameplay. The dragon arcade style is also perpetuated in many other games with no other element being present like that one.

But the slots do not end up like this only, there are still some interesting features and bonus options available. There are slots, that will appear on surface as simple as they get, with some three by three grids filled with minimalist traditional Chinese symbols and icons.

Those games, however, are quite interesting because the total number of active paylines that can be encountered, with earning being obtained with combinations that are formed on horizontal or vertical or diagonal. The players that will choose to play this type of slots, can earn some bonus prizes and free spins that will make them feel hooked for hours and spend a worthwhile time playing slots for fun.

Even if many tried to infuse slots with Chinese traditional and other Asian themes, not that many have succeeded. The exception can be considered Youyougaming that came with some amazing slots like the Autumn Festival that is a tribute for the annual Asian celebration when traditional Chinese lanterns are lit. There are plenty of other elements imported from the cultural environment.

There are also some slots that use different other moon cakes or the mahjong theme. There is one casino game named Mahjong 13 that comes as an expansion of the well-known Chinese game. This is also another three by three slot with eight winning paylines.

Without any surprise, most online casino game apps produced by the team behind Yoyougaming are inspired by the Asian culture, the Chinese one in particular. There are lots of different themes and elements from the culture, the history and geography of China in particular placed within. But there are still titles like the following ones that are based on other themes and cultural influences also:

  • Lost in Africa
  • North Pole
  • Penguin Adventure
  • Anubis
  • Mayan Code
  • Age of Discovery.
  • Last Dinosaurs and many others

Pros and cons about Yoyougaming casino game producer

There is another view to the Asian themed casino slots that seem to be abundant in most online casinos all around the world wide web. During their short history and work, a clear improvement could have been seen in how their games started to be more complex and better.

There will always be reasons for one to play the original Asian themed slots with Yoyougaming a presence that will always be encountered in various online casinos that use that third party platforms that will be accessible from mobile and tablet also.

In short, this was an amazing leap for the Chinese and Asian gambling market that came also with mobile friendly technology for everyone to be able to play it.

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