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Unicum review

Unicum software provider is specialized in creating free online slot machines whose theme is anything but ordinary. This company is Russian and their products have Russian names but are translated into English when necessary.

The game developer is operating since 1991 and is based in Moscow city, in the very heart of Russia. With such a great experience in the gambling industry, it’s safe to say that this software provider has seen it all and survived all the changes and shifts that this market has experienced.

If the name itself, Unicum, is not that appealing, the situation changes when we talk about their free online slot machines. More than that, it is said that their products over one of the biggest payout rate in combination with an engaging game play and unique theme.

Free online slot machines are accessible in an in-browser format, without having to be downloaded in any way. Also, you get to play a demo version, just to get used to it and see if you like it enough to spend some real money on it.

This is a software provider that has won many appreciations along the way for the simple interface and top-notch graphics and sounds. Some might say that they have pure crazy games, in a good way, providing that adrenaline and excitement that makes any gambler happy. Because the target market is Russian people, you’ll understand why the situation stands like this.

Free online slot machines collection

The major focus of Unicum video slots is their Soviet inspiration, those long-gone time when Mother Russia was a tightly controlled machine, working on the clock. Everything that communist Russia meant is perfectly encapsulated in some truly special characters and story lines.

A good example would be Gold of Party slot machines, even if with the English translation we are not sure what it’s about. Symbols are all in Cyrillic language and so at the beginning, it might be a little weird until you get used to the scenery. The machine is a pure classic, resembling the land-based slots that you get in casinos. This game speaking retro with every move you make! The 80s communist party is in town and you’re invited!

Another great title in the free online slot machines collection is called Bratva and takes to the old Russian market full of criminals and police. The theme of this video slot is sure different from the trend and we hugely appreciate Unicom software provider for this. They are pure nationalists, showing their culture and heritage in the products they design for you.

The last title we choose to present today is Bazar Slot. Imagine you’re going to the Russian market, full of tasty products and you concentrate on taking the best of them, home with you. The symbols presented are not all about food and liquor but they also picture the old market sellers and their equipment.

In terms of demo versions of the games, Unicom does things differently again, and so goes out of line. Unlike Play’n Go and others, this game developer uses Youtube to upload previews of the video slots and so you can have an idea what is about.

Special features of Unicum game developer 

The quantity is not so important as quality when we talk about Unicum and you’ll see that if you take a look at their collection. This is because every single title has a story line that it’s meant to be unique and captivating so it takes some time to develop.

Unicum software provider introduces their slots to the large public by a different platform called 2winpower. Online casinos that want to feature their games on the platform need to address the request, try the demo version for a period of 10 days and then decide to commit or not.

Uniqueness it a trademark for Unicum products, from the sound effects to the in-game features and symbols in play.

Conclusions on this game developer 

We don’t know how Unicum can gain popularity in other markets other than Russian, considering the language disadvantage as well. Of course, Russians are everywhere and then it would be interesting to implement their product in many countries worldwide.

Maybe it would make a difference if Unicum software provider designs free online slot machines that are more contemporary like NetEnt company is keeping up with the trend especially technologically speaking.

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