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The Art of Games

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The Art of Games review

The Art of Games is a software provider that has been creating online slot machines and online games for about a decade, but for some reason they aren’t as well-known as the giants of the gambling industry, like Microgaming and Netent.

Continue reading to find out why we think that this software provider deserves at least a spin and what makes the company and its products special.

  1. Software Provider History
  2. Trademarks and online casino games
  3. Why play casino games by this Software Provider

The Art of Games Software Provider History

Today’s software provider is a Dutch company that’s based in Eindhoven. They have been creating online casino games for about ten years and because of the fact that there are so many software providers they haven’t managed to set themselves apart until now.

They have made more than 100 game machines until this moment, both video slots and table games.

Their online slot machines have plenty of interesting features and they also look quite nice and they don’t shy away from making even those online casino games that most software providers skip like Stravaganza or Fan Tan.

Everything that is created by this game producer is really easy to customize and mold into the shape that the online casino that needs it to be.

The Art of Games trademarks and online casino game machines

At some point in time people thought that slot machines, fruit machines especially, were a combination of luck and skill. This is because people thought that making the reels stop when you wanted them to meant that you were changing the outcome.

Eventually, people realized that because of the Random Number Generator they really couldn’t do anything and no matter what skills they had they wouldn’t affect the game.

Well, this game producer wants to bring back the skill into video slots. Their five reel online slot machines have a skill element in their bonus features.

When playing video slots by other providers you could potentially lose just when you’ve triggered the bonus game and thus would have waited for nothing, but with these ones you have a guarantee that you won’t lose if you have the necessary skills.

It’s an interesting thing to know that your level of skills can make the difference between losing or winning a small sum and a really big win.

The software provider offers both three reel and five reel video slots. The ones with three reels have from one to just five pay lines in total and while this might not seem so impressive you have to remember that their goal is to trigger nostalgia.

They have quite a thing with classic fruit slots and if you take a look at their repertoire you will see just how much they like them.

Beginning with Fruit Club which is a very classic three reel fruit slot machine and moving on to other online slot machines that keep the same basic idea like Vintage, there are plenty of examples and reiterations of the same great game.

They also make five reel video slots and these can have up to 30 pay lines plus a bunch of bonus features. The Love Machine video slot is quite a great example of what sort of games they can make.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s even more fun than a romance one, try Wonders of Magic.

Video slots are not all they can do, they can also create pretty impressive online games. While most table games are pretty similar no matter what game producer makes them, theirs have a special flair.

They are able to customize everything from the card decks to the user interface and everything the client needs.

Their scratch card games are great and most of them require just that you get three matching symbols. Graphics and sound effects for these casino games are quite extraordinary as you will see if you try them out.

Why play casino games by The Art of Games Software Provider

They might not be that well-known, but they should be. They make great online slot machines and even better casino games and they try to bring something special to the mix every time.

If you like some sort of innovation and exciting game-play then they are a good option. Even more so if you want something new and want to have a break from huge software providers like Netent and Betsoft.

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