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Spin Fan

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Spin Fan review

Spin Fan is a mysterious supposedly East-European software provider that has created only seven slot machines. All of them can be played at the Golden Cave Casino for free or for real money. This review will offer you the relevant information about the specific of the company, their slot games and what are the best of them.

The lack of information about certain software providers

Spin Fan is a software provider for which there isn’t much information available. Some gamblers claim this company still exists. Others argue that it has disappeared from the casino market. In short, there are two sides that argue about the presence of Spin Fan in the gambling industry.

One thing is known for certain: at one point, this company developed slot machines. There is a single place where anyone can start playing some online slots from Spin Fan: Golden Cave Casino. Anyone that visits this online casino has two options available:

I. free play;

II. play for real money.

Any spinner that is searching for rarer online slot machines should definitely visit this casino. In its game lobby, he will find all 7 slot machines ever released by Spin Fan.

Why play some outdated online slot machines when there are plenty of modern ones available?

This is a legitimate question which can be launched by any novice or veteran player. It is also true that the online slot machines have evolved at an accelerated pace in the last 5 years. However, this software provider’s online slot machines have one unique element: scarcity.

Yes, those Spin Fan slots are very rare. So, as many rare things on this planet, they are desirable to veteran players. There is a category of gamblers that keep themselves entertained when they can track down a very rare online slot machine. This means that even the online gambling domain has its treasure seekers.

Winning real money is a great reason to play those online slot machines created by this mysterious software provider. However, a stronger reason still is that those casino games will not be available for long, unlike the great variety from Microgaming.

Guessing the origins of a software provider with few slots created

The origins of this company are certainly unclear. However, there are people from the casino industry that trace Spin Fan’s origins to Eastern Europe. This idea may seem plausible if two common elements of their online slot machines are taken into consideration:

  • eccentric graphics;
  • strange themes.

This software provider’s online slot machines

Usually, the majority of companies from the gambling industries are doing their best to find great and strong names for their slot games. One such a company, for example, is Yggdrasil Gaming. In opposition to them, Spin Fan has always followed the principle of extreme simplicity.

In other words, the developers of this firm have named every slot they have created with a single word. The online slot machines from this software provider are the following:

1. Aero;

2. Butterfly;

3. Auto;

4. Lion;

5. Nixterida;

6. Sea World;

7. Snake.

Three of their most popular slots

  • Nixterida

This illustrates a type of demonic bat that has a swollen belly and wings spread. The title is from 3 reel slots category, just like all the others from Spin Fan. Many players have wondered if this was the standard at the moment when those games were released.

It has a minimalist layout, a 3×3 grid, and a start button. When 1 credit is used, it is the equivalent of 0.01. The only thing a player can control is the number of paylines. Using the plus and minus buttons, he can set them from 64 to 320.

Using a square layout that occupies the main part of the screen, this game leaves lots of black space to the left and right sides of the reels. The top left of the screen is the location of the currency controls. In the top right, one can find a menu button.

Using the menu will make some supplementary options available such as full screen and mute. Unfortunately, when the full screen is activated, this will distort the aspect ratio. It is useless to think how Nixterida looks on mobile. This is because it was released a long time before mobile gaming had appeared.

This slot has a maxi and a mini jackpot, and winning combinations will appear using lines and scatter wins. The scatter symbol is the bat, and it applies a multiplier between 2x and 200x depending on how many bats are obtained.

  • Aero

A slot which is using an airplane theme. Unfortunately, only the plane’s nose can be seen from behind the reels. The way this pokie can be played is in exactly the same manner as Nixterida. It doesn’t have any bonus game, but only line and scatter wins.

The bet multiplier available is up to 200x.

  • Auto

This slot is not entirely about automobiles. Rather, it contains various cars, a submarine, and a cruiser battleship. Auto fans will definitely recognize the Model T, the Rolls Royce Phantom and a Mini Cooper.

Anyone that is lucky when spinning the reels will secure line wins, scatter wins and maybe he will even have a chance at the mini or maxi jackpot. Maybe if the element of simplicity is taken into account, all Spin Fan slots resemble those from Kajot.

Final considerations about an intriguing software provider

I. In order to have a complete experience with Spin Fan’s games and their design, a clever roller should also try out Snake, Lion, Sea World and Butterfly. All of them will provide him with that unique fan specific only to 3-reel slots.

II. Their slots do not have storytelling, an immersive game universe or a huge entertaining value. This is why modern players should try out something more sophisticated, such as Endorphina slots.

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