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Slotland review

Welcome to a new universe created by Slotland Software Provider

With a policy that meant everything is produced on house, in an attempt to save money, Slotland slot producer became one of the most amazing presences in every online casino or e-gaming website. Also, the perfected production made various operators to choose Slotland, as it comes with a full package of online casino game apps.

With continuous feedback that kept on coming, the creative team behind this software provider made a real impact on every market. Improving each new game and constantly incorporating new features, players started to feel better while playing and having fun winning real money.

With original titles that felt to come in a natural manner, every game started to have his own share of fans and players that’ll always return for more winnings while spinning the reels. There can be found a plethora of original and amazing slots and other table games, but there is also a common thread that binds the easy gameplay from one title to another without having a period of accommodation when changing one game with another.

History of Slotland Software Provider

This company was founded almost 20 years ago, the time felt right for them to raise themselves over the line of mediocre slot producers. And the online gambling industry world was also shaken by their presence.

Even if the success came since the start of the company, today, Slotland software provider comes with numbers that go into the range of hundreds of thousands of players. Each gambler was lured at first by amazingly high jackpots and by prizes that continuously grow over the mark of 100000$ in various online casino game websites.

While players that still want to try different things on PC, Slotland fans were surprised to find out that most casino games that are produced also have been brought and work fine on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The software provider achieved these things through the very good programming team that was found working for them. Also, the need of players was a decisive factor.

The company’s first legal registration and license of producing online casino game machines were released in 1998 by the Government of Anjouan.

Own Developed Platform by Slotland Slot Producer

Every Slotland product was designed to work as an in-browser application that required no kind of download. The special software is an in-house built product that came to life thanks to the new HTML5 platforms. With plenty of players that’ll choose different online casino websites, operators will surely enjoy to adding such type of content to their games list as the flow of playing becomes easier for players to start and remain active for longer periods of time.

Also, the company is permanently and independently audited. This proves that all games that come out are always fair with secure systems that cannot be hacked and the winnings and payouts remain honest.

Amazing games playable and produced by Slotland Software Provider

The products that come from Slotland use different themes and more than amazing graphics and gameplays. Even if the fine thread that connects them all is still present, there are plenty of differences seen and felt when spinning the reels. Here is a list of our recommendations that can also be played on our takebonus website:

  • Pearls of Atlantis
  • Jewels of the Ancients
  • Double Luck
  • Tikal Treasure
  • Witches Brew

Pearls of Atlantis online slot

The under the sea theme encountered in today’s online casino game is a fun and amazing one that combines the shape of different three-dimensional drawings of mythical creatures with prizes in today’s casino games. This online slot can be played for free on our site as a demo version of the ones that online casinos post. The jackpot system is still active with amazing prizes available for winnings.

Players can still find different treasure chests, gold pieces or gems on the ocean’s floor, while many of these symbols represent different special features that’ll help spinners to win even bigger amounts of free credits or to win real money when playing for real.

Jewels of the Ancients casino slot

Another fantasy-inspired theme in which Slotland placed different depictions of three-dimensional objects that create an amazing horror movie-like atmosphere. With graphics that will make every player be part of a horror movie, the depicted cathedral with gargoyles and vampire-like creatures roaming around is the perfect place for amazing progressive jackpots and even more prizes

Also a simple five by three matrix that comes as a video slot with amazing sounds and animations, this online casino game will present various symbols that’ll be used to trigger and activate more winnings as special features. With different ways to trigger winnings, there are sure reasons to play and have fun while playing.

Double Luck online slot

The fantasy elements seem to be present in all slots produced by Slotland. Double Luck online slot is also one amazing game that will kind of mimic an classic machine, but still keep a five by three matrix with living tree stumps and other magical and luck bringing elements and objects. A nine paylines slot with possibilities that will raise up to 32 times.

Scatters are still present during the gameplay with symbols that do not need to be lined up on the path described by the active paylines to trigger winnings and that can raise coins and credits added after to one’s coin balance.

Tikal Treasure online slot

Another progressive jackpot in the world of casino game machines created by Slotland, Tikal Treasure comes with a five by three matrix with a total of 25 active paylines. With nice graphics that implement different cartoon drawn like elements on the reels that reproduce various Aztec and pre-Columbian elements, the online casino is nicely animated with various three-dimensional depictions of moving objects.

The winning system is fun and easy to get acquainted with. There are plenty of features that will help players to earn even more. A replacing wild symbol will always expand on the whole reel when encountered on one or more columns. There is also a bonus game triggered by a somewhat weird looking ball. The payline system comes with another feature that will make players win different amounts of coins when three or more of same and adjacent symbols are found on any horizontal or diagonal line.

Witches Brew slot machine

While the list of online slot machines created by today’s software provider seems to never end, the progressive jackpot game Witches Brew comes as a classic machine in disguise. With amazing sound design, three reels that use fruits and other magical ingredients to create the best potions.

A lever will start mixing potions and even if spinning with no combinations formed across the single payline, the slot can still produce winnings with various pots of mixes triggering a coin flow that will make each player happy.

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