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Simbat review

If you’re an online casino owner and you’re looking to expand your portfolio of classic online slot machines, there’s one particular software provider that is just perfect for your needs. You probably heard of this company because it’s been in this industry for a long time.

Players of all types have been enjoying these old-school online casino games and, despite the fact that they’re not as flashy or modern as slots developed by other companies, the ones created by this provider have a strange ability to bring them back over and over again.

Simbat is the company that I’m talking about and, without a doubt, you’ve heard of it because the online slot machines that come out their portfolio are literally present everywhere you look on the internet. Being consistent proves to be a very good strategy when designing slots because even if there are millions of better-looking slots with modern graphics, classic slot machines never go out of style!

History of Simbat software provider

By the looks of it, this company was founded somewhere in 2008 and, since then, it has partnered up with millions of online casinos around the globe. Curiously enough, there isn’t too much information available about this industry giant. Even though it’s such a popular company, they haven’t invested in their online presence.

Their website is mostly a straightforward presentation of their online casino games but what’s even more interesting, is the fact that the only image available on their site is the header.

The online slot machines are simply listed in the right column without having any thumbnail or additional sneak peek.

This looks a bit bizarre because no other company in this business is this careless with its website.

The only explanation I could think of was the fact that most of their online slot machines are unbelievably similar and they simply didn’t need to invest more time and money in creating a modern site that just doesn’t match the old-school look that’s present with every slot.

In a way, you could even say that they are consistent throughout the whole branding. You have to understand that Simbat a company that delivers traditional slots and online casino games that are as close to reality as possible.

Players who are looking for a realistic Las Vegas experience, must try slot machines developed by this provider.

Online casino games and slots

While most players are looking for complex games with exquisite visual effects and unforgettable characters, some people are fascinated by simplistic slots that have the ability to offer an amazing gambling experience as realistic as it can be.

Remember those land-based machines that had the classic 3X3 reel grid and one or maybe just a few more paylines? Simbat is an expert in creating these types of online games and, even if the graphics might look cheap and poorly designed, you should keep in mind that is exactly the look they wanted to achieve.

Let’s have a look at the most popular slots created by them:

Arthur’s Quest
• Cashino
• Club Gold
• Club 21

Some of these games have a storyline and different characters that match the theme, but most of them have the fruits, BARs, and 7s that are the most popular symbols for retro machines.

Besides these, you may also find the following table games:

• Blackjack
• European Roulette
• Caribbean Stud Poker
• Post Poker
• Keno
• Bingo

Once again, I feel like I have to insist that none of these games have visual effects or glossy animations that might blow you away. Nonetheless, the gameplay is always entertaining, challenging, and easy to follow even for people that have never step foot in a real casino before.

In conclusion, if you’re the owner of an online casino and you wish to attract more clients, let me give you a valuable piece of device! You need as many diverse games as possible because people like different things and it would be a shame to have them looking for their favorite machine somewhere else.

By including both modern and old-school games, you’re opening the gates for more players that come from different age segments.

Younger players are more likely to search for crowded visual effects and intriguing storylines while older players will always be attracted to a simpler machine.

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