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RFranco review

RFranco is one of the oldest companies that have survived the gambling industry and have managed to stay afloat over the years.

Continue reading this review to find out more about their journey and about what makes them special that could appeal to you and convince you to try their online slot machines!

  1. RFranco History
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  3. Why play casino games by RFranco Software Provider

RFranco History

1955 was a very important year for the Franco Munoz brothers because that was the year that their journey in the gambling industry began.
The software provider that we will be discussing today is called Recreativos Franco at its origin but it started to go by RFranco and that’s the name people know it by.

This company comes all the way from Madrid, the stunning capital of Spain. Even though Spain isn’t the best place to launch a business like this, the creators of this company managed to defeat all odds and to transform it into an international business.

Starting from gaming machines they have developed a lot from the beginning and now they make outstanding online slot games that are appreciated by players from all around the world.

By trying their best and coming up with new and exciting things, Jesus and Joaquin Franco Munoz managed to become a strong contender in the gaming industry.
Over time they went from making arcade games to bingo then video slots and now they are creating casino games and video slot machines.

Every single day Rfranco software provider tries its best to keep making high-quality online casino games for the Spanish market and the international one.

After they made their move from land-based casinos into internet gambling, this software provider created its own platform that is called Wannabet. They launched it in 2015 and because they had gigantic partners like Microgaming is soon raised to the top.

RFranco trademarks

Another great move that Rfranco software provider made in the gambling industry was that they bought a huge software developer called Mediatech and integrated their IRIS platform and over 1500 casino games from them.

When they did this they did not simply obliterate a competitor and move on to the next. In fact, Rfranco software provider likes helping new online slot machines developers to be the best they can be.

They invest and sponsor new companies that have just started their way and they try to help them grow so that their new and interesting ideas and project can someday become a reality.

Veteran slot machine players will be happy to know that Rfranco software provider has in its portfolio a large variety of classic slots machines with three reels to help settle their nostalgia.

But this not all they have and new players can also rejoice since their five reel video slots are just as amazing and have a lot to offer.

Rfranco didn’t stop here and after they have conquered the internet medium they decided to expand into the mobile one as well. And now they are developing video slot machines for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that work with Android, iOS or Windows.

This is incredibly important because in this day and age people always seem to be on the go and some don’t even have time to play online casino games at home so the only solution would be for them to be able to play anywhere they are.

In Rfranco’s portfolio, you will find all types of online slot games, from video slots that have a bit of vintage in their overall design like the Olympic Gold online casino game and all the way to more exotic, though classic Egyptian themed Golden Sphinx, they have everything.

There are a lot of their video slot machines created by Rfranco software provider that have become hugely popular like Chinese New Year, Caramel or Wild West.

While online slot machines like Treasure of the Seven Seas will only have three reels and nothing exciting in terms of gameplay going on, their five reels video slots all have wild symbols, bonus games, and free spins.

If you want a very clear and great example of what they can do you should try RF Neopolis. This online slot machine has five reels and 25 paylines and amazing graphics.

It has a future and outer space theme and you get to see beautiful women from the future that will help you a lot since they can create wilds.

The interesting part is that while it might look futuristic while it’s loading and when you see the ladies and the bonus games that it has to offer, you will also feel like you’re playing a classic fruit machine.

That’s because the rest of the symbols are the classic fruits and sevens. This adds some more charm and makes it more interesting because of the fusion between old and new.

If you’re the type of player that likes to mix things up a bit every now and again and take a break from online slot machines for a while then you’re in luck.

Rfranco also offers other online casino games like Roulette or Tombola Roulette, Bingo or Bingo Zodiaco. Among the classic online casino games, they offer you’ll find some that you won’t be able to play from other software providers.

Why play casino games by RFranco Software Provider

They have more than 50 years of experience in the gambling industry and they have managed to leave their mark on history and really climb the ladder of greatness.

They are the leaders of the Spanish market, as they have been since the beginning, and they provider online slot machines and online casino games for both their country of birth and the rest of the world.

While other old software providers have failed when the move to the internet was made, they succeeded in moving all of their casino games and video slot machines and didn’t stop there.

They won over players on the internet and then they started to get their attention as mobile slot machine producers as well.

They have diverse themes and features in their video slot games and they always keep things interesting which is why you should try their online slot machines at least once and see if you like them and if they fit your needs.

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