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Pro Wager Systems

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Pro Wager Systems review

A software provider from the 90s

Starting their business in 1998, Pro Wager Systems (PWS) are almost an old-school software provider in the iGaming domain. Since then, they had many competitors that didn’t survive the harsh competition. Others have diversified their business and transform beyond recognition.

The evolution of this software company was constant, and they have respected the principles upon which they were founded. Resembling the majority of top software companies, Pro Wager Systems are based in Canada. This country is one of the greatest places when it comes to gaming innovation.

The main specialty of PWS is Bitcoin poker, but they are not focusing exclusively on this online casino game. Thus, this software provider actually develops a great variety of casino software, starting with bingo and ending with poker.

Pro Wager works exclusively in the B2B sector. As a result, they have formed strong and durable partnerships with many high-profile online casinos.

Creation and evolution of their online casino games

Ever since 1998, all casino games developed by PWS have been played by millions of people online and around the world. The majority of those games are designed to be played for real money. This doesn’t mean that the firm does not develop free versions of their titles.

Since the end of the 90s, all the technology that powers the web has suffered many changes. Even so, Pro Wager Systems remained among the leaders. They have always adopted the latest technologies as soon as they became available.

Initially, PWS got used to developing games based on Flash technology. In the last, they have mastered HTML5, thus causing the following consequences:

I. this benefits both mobile and desktop players;
II. the need to download proprietary casino software has disappeared;
III. any player can now simply open up a browser and start playing.

Even if its products have continuously evolved over the years, the Canadian software provider has remained on a small format. Thus, their headquarters from West London, Ontario have a staff smaller than 10 employees. They manage quite well to take care of business.

PWS software is highly appreciated by their company on the following criteria:

1. reliable performance;
2. scalability;
3. the easy way of its installment process.

The firm argues that their gaming system is fully integrated and it can be installed in less than a day on their client’s server. Because there aren’t any licensing and maintenance fees or royalties to be paid, any operator can make profits from day one.

Optimizing casino software

Starting with the last few years, this software provider has focused on HTML5. Thus, the company released a customizable video poker that is optimized for both desktop and mobile. This online casino game can be viewed in portrait or landscape.

This software firm has also improved its casino software using the iDevAffilliate technology. Its use lies in affiliate commission tracking. RackNation is one of the best hosting companies, and they also provide hosting for PWS. This makes the platform created by this software provider as ultra fast and also reliable.

Even if they are currently working on perfecting their products based on HTML5, they have not forgotten about the Flash games. The latter were in the past the multimedia format used by casinos and everyone on the web.

Lots of software developers have limited their casino software only for PC versions. This Canadian firm is the exception from this rule. Thus, Pro Wager Systems have made their multiplayer poker available for both Windows and Mac users.

Pro Wager Systems: using HTML5 for Blackjack

One of the most important points of interest for Pro Wager Systems is traditional table games. This company has dedicated years to refine their blackjack and poker software. At the moment, they have many versions of these casino games.

Using HTML5, this software provider has developed multiplayer blackjack, a casino game that mimics a real life casino. In this version, 5 people can play together against a single dealer. This software allows for customizable graphics and it can support tournament play.

There are two builds available for this title:

  • desktop browsers;
  • mobile.

This online casino provider’s multiplayer poker

This casino game can be played in HTML5 and as a downloadable software version. It is designed with selectable backgrounds and animated 3D avatars. Anyone can choose from Texas Hold’Em, Razz, Omaha/8 and also single and multi-table tournaments.

Many operators will be happy to learn that the PWS poker lobby can be entirely customized. Thus, any operator can stamp its imprint on the game as soon as it loads. This firm has taken things further with their avatar poker tables.

All the settings are made as to leave a player with the impression of playing it in a prison, picnic, alley, ballroom and loft.Even the table graphics can be customized.

Their variety of online casino games

Pro Wager Systems has a great talent for crafting the following casino games:

I. poker;
II. blackjack;
III. online slot machines;
IV. baccarat.

Their online slot machines have fully customizable graphics, which makes it easy for an operator to create his own branded games. He will be loading gaming symbols from a directory. The combination of custom graphics with great animations and sound effects will have some very impressive results. These results can be compared with Yggdrasil Gaming slots.

Has PWS created an enhanced type of Bingo?

Bingo is created by Pro Wager Systems using HTML5 technology that makes this game optimized for any device. Their development team has worked hard to create some fine crafted graphics and sound. They are of a similar quality with gameplay and features.

The versions of Bingo available are:

1. 90 Ball;
2. 75 Ball.

Both of these variants are following UK rules, and at the moment, this software provider is working on the 80 and 30 ball versions. Anyone can select between various modes, such as auto-daub, auto-claim, and also manual-dab. Every card shows how many calls are left until someone can claim bingo.

All players can buy, zoom, and scroll up to maximum 100 cards. The 75 version of Ball Bingo will keep a player busy with the pattern editor and also hundreds of patterns that are built into this title. Meanwhile, the background of this casino game contains advanced algorithms. They supply the operator with game and financial reports, and player data.

Any casino can schedule when its live games will start and they can also offer special bonuses. There is also the option to enable in-game advertisements available, thus allowing an online casino to increase its profits.

The control is placed in the hands of PWS’s control in the hands of their customers. They can choose the layout, artwork, and the voice of the caller. It is also easy for their clients to release new themes which commemorate seasonal events such as holidays.

Using Bitcoin software for online casinos

The publication of his Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto has drawn the attention of many entrepreneurs. They have noticed the potential of this digital currency for gambling. Pro Wager Systems were among the first and they have made great improvements to their Bitcoin casino software.

What makes Bitcoin so attractive is that it cancels any need of an online casino to find third party processors. PWS Bitcoin casino software has some important features that make it a must-buy for any online casino:

  • a competitive price;
  • short installment time;
  • highly customizable.

The package of this software provider is including a website, a back office control panel, a game server and also games compatible with Flash or HTML5. In order to use this package, a client needs a Windows server, a Bitcoin wallet, and a domain name.

Few considerations about Pro Wager Systems, a casino software provider

From the graphic and visuals perspectives, any online casino game designer by this company do not excel by beauty or rich features. Thus, they cannot compete with slots from big names like Microgaming. However, their casino games are put together in a proficient manner. Also, they work very well.

Any potential customer will display great interest in the offer of Pro Wager Systems for online casinos. The most interested clients are the ones that are preparing to launch their own online casino.

PWS is the software provider that has created a perfect system for an online casino, thus leaving a client to focus on what matters the most. Thus, he is welcome to concentrate and making a great profit.

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