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Pipeline49 review

This article demonstrates why any casino using a smart strategy will use the services of a professional provider of online casino games such as Pipeline49. The article discusses the following:

A Canadian software provider of online casino games

Vancouver is that Canadian city that is similar to a home for a big number of software companies. This is the place from which many professional software developers emerge. Thus, Vancouver is the ideal place in Canada for many software firms to work, create, and play.

In the list containing those companies can also Pipeline49 be found. The name of this software provider is related to the fact that they are located om the 49th parallel. Pipeline49 always has some innovative content developed, which they will eagerly share it with their clients.

The iGaming software range of Pipeline49 contains new platforms, new casino games, and also new techniques. These are allowing both players and clients to win and make money. Anything that involves gambling such as slot machines, table games, lottery games and video poker can be created by Pipeline49.

Pipeline49 and social betting

The specialty of this software provider consists in creating social betting games, this being Pipeline49’s biggest forte. Many people have found their games as highly interactive, with a flawless storyline, graphics, and sounds. They are almost as good as Yggdrasil Gaming‘s slots.

Representatives of this company have explained that their success is the result of a remarkable and unique combination of:

1. a talented team;

2. a use of advanced processes;

3. making investments in the latest infrastructure.

Pipeline49 has started to focus a lot on the recruitment process. On the long term, this strategy will result in an increase of their popularity and profits. At the moment, Pipeline49 seeks to hire a Java Developer and an HTML5 Game Developer. The latter will contribute to this company’s commitment to creating casino games that have two essential features:

I. they do not require any software to be downloaded;

II. they work directly in-browser.

The team behind this slots and casino gaming provider

Pipeline49 has a director and president called Paul Nyzuk. His experience is over 20 years in the gambling industry. This is how he gained an insight into the specific of iGaming and the direction towards which this domain is evolving.

In the past, Paul was the COO of Micropower Corp, a company whose poker software was used by FHM and ESPN. Later on, he had transformed Pipeline49 into a multinational company that has the capacity of handling large and small projects.

He is aided by COO Rob Picard. His previous experience in investment banking has helped him to successfully manage the projects taken on by this Pipeline49.

Pipeline49, gambling, and casino games

Some of the most popular titles produced by Pipeline49 are the following:

  • backgammon;
  • HD online slot machines;
  • poker;
  • Keno.

They are optimizing their titles to function on various platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, and Facebook. The latter platform is suitable for Pipeline49’s social games. Besides developing attractive and versatile games, Pipeline49 offers services of consultancy and development to their international clients.

All the people and companies interested in a collaboration with this software house can contact them by e-mail, phone, or social channels. Unfortunately, this development company hasn’t updated its Facebook page since 2013.

Social platforms for gamblers

Nowadays, the majority of online casinos have increased their demand for social games. Letting anyone getting used to games and casino environment is a good strategy to keep them interested. If this happens, then it is very likely for these people to create an account and play with real money.

The social gaming is an ultra-familiar field of testing for many titles. The company can always create games which are standalone and have a customizable branding. They can also develop solutions that will simultaneously pair with a social gaming conversion.

After those players are getting used to the light version, they can be convinced easier to take the next step and use the full version. That version is hosted on Pipeline49’s website and that is the place where big prizes and money can be obtained.

Casino and social gaming

The games produced by Pipeline49 emulate the real money casino ones, but in a certain manner. Every title is adapted to what features are unique to the style of social gaming found on Facebook:

1. Facebook credits;

2. the possibility to offer gifts to Facebook friends;

3. levels of increasing difficulty;

4. leaderboards;

5. badges.

This company has complete admin and reporting elements built in. Thus, Pipeline49 are offering complete services to operators that need to enter the domain of social gaming. There are many companies that try to transform their games into profitable social gaming hits. They can take full advantage of the offer provided by Pipeline49.

Pipeline49’s online slots and table games

The majority of this software provider’s online casino games are represented by video poker and online slot machines. What can be mentioned about their online casino products is a general resemblance to one another.

  • Online slot machines

I. Pirate’s Booty;

II. Sir Cash-A-Lot;

III. Mad Science;

IV. Vault Buster;

This online slot machine is a classic slot with 3 reels that contains the retro BAR and 7 symbols. The player has to match the correct combination and unlock the bank vault which contains the jackpot.

V. Cashcow;

Is an online slot machine with 5 reels, that has many funny cows and chickens which must be collected.

VI. Closest to the Pin.

In this online slot, when the user starts to spinning, the reels transform into golf balls. The symbols of this slot will include a golf umbrella, scorecard, flag, cap, and also golf shoes.

All those online slot machines created and developed by Pipeline49 have a very important element in common. It is not graphics, but rapid and smooth loading times. They are loading faster than Fremantle slots.

  • Table games

1. American Roulette;

2. Baccarat;

These two online casino games have an immense depth and detail level. These two great features are also combined with very short loading times. This says a lot about the high quality of the code used by the Pipeline49 software provider.

Final thoughts about a Canadian casino games provider

Canada has many companies activating in the domain of online casino games, so the competition on the Canadian market is fierce. Even so, the software provider Pipeline49 can stay on the position in this battle for supremacy. The reason for that is because their online slot machines are sleek, have nice graphics and also a beautiful gameplay. Maybe someday, they can be featured alongside big names in the industry such as NetEnt.

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