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Octavian Gaming

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Octavian Gaming review

Playing online casino games has proven to be one of the most popular activities in the past few years. With so much technological progress going on, we can all imagine that modern online slot machines look just as engaging as any other video game. Even if some software providers are still hooked up on the Crazy Fruits theme, gamblers are now able to enjoy sophisticated online casino games with complex storylines and original characters.

With so many software providers, just imagine how tough the competition is. As a gambler, you should know that Octavian Gaming is one of the industry’s top leaders and it has a vast Linux programming experience that began over a decade ago. Octavian Gaming created the most successful online slot machines that gathered millions of fans all over the world.

This article will give you a better understanding of this gaming company and it will clearly state the reasons you should trust their products.

1. General information about Octavian Gaming
2. Games
3. Special features
4. Final words

A closer look at the company’s goal

The developers at Octavian Gaming are taking pride in the fact that they invest a great amount of time being meticulous and all their online casino games have a flawless design that promises to keep players engaged. But don’t go thinking they are only eye-catching! The games they create go through various tests and debugging processes that assure the premium quality of the products.

Moreover, the company is always looking to hire brilliant and talented programmers and designers, and they invite people to send their resumes. This proves they are continuously looking to grow as a company and as a brand in this crowded industry, and by the looks of it, they’re doing a wonderful job!

Octavian Gaming is using the finest hardware that allows them to create these amazing online slot machines. Their equipment meets the ROHS and the CE regulations, and it’s tested systematically. These tests include packaging shock test, IQC/OQC, vibration test, and a climatic chamber thermal test. Needless to say, they’re fully equipped to deliver the finest products and online casino games.

Let’s have a look at their most popular games

Remember those old-school land-based machines that fascinated players all over the world? Thanks to technological progress, gamblers are now able to enjoy more complex online slot machines with intriguing themes and enchanting characters.

These slots have a complex gameplay that features multiple reels and tons of different paylines that guarantee huge prizes. Not to mention that some of these games have an impressive special feature that will come in handy when aiming for that big prize.

Octavian Gaming has divided its games into three categories:

• Multi
• Single
• Wide

The Multi category features 8 different multi games that each include a couple of slots. They are grouped this way because they have similar a gameplay and bonuses. It’s much easier for casinos to promote them together. It’s also easier for gamblers that are looking for different games that share a similar format.

When speaking about the Singles, you will be blown away by how diverse these games that belong in this category can be. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones:

• Lone Wolf: this Western-themed casino game has 5 reels and the bets can go up to 200 credits. If you’re a Westworld fan, you mustn’t miss the opportunity to spin the reels on this magnificent game. You’ll meet quite some unique characters!

• Vortex: stories about mad scientists will never go out of style. This game has a steampunk theme and besides winning amazing prizes, you’ll get the chance to travel through time. It’s your choice whether you want to visit the past or check out what the future has in store.

• Bombay: not only will you take a trip to beautiful India, but you’ll also get plenty of free spins, a Ganesh bonus, and even a magic dance feature. Enjoy the 10 paylines and keep your fingers crossed for those lucky combinations!

• Dragons’ Queen: if you’re a Game of Thrones fan (and, let’s be honest, who isn’t?) You will have the pleasant surprise of seeing a sexier version of Khaleesi and her frightening dragons. It looks like Octavian Gaming sure knows how to spice up their characters!

• Treasure Hunter: you’ve got Wild symbols, Scatters, free spins, and even a Tomb Rider bonus. This complex game offers all the adrenaline you need to keep you spinning all night long.

• Zic-Zac: this adorable slot got its inspiration in the famous Pac-Man video game. It’s a weird combination of sea creatures and pixelated fruits. It might sound wacky, but once you start spinning the reels, it all makes sense. I promise!

The Wide section of their portfolio includes 5 different games that have a wide interface, thus allowing you to enjoy a different gambling experience. These particular slots are unique and each of them features a different theme:

• Mechanica – steampunk theme
• Commandos – going to war
• Gladiators – roams most vicious fighters
• Circus Wild – spoiler alert: you’ll be seeing a lot of clowns
• Submarine – feeling like exploring the deep oceans?

Special features of Octavian Gaming

By checking their website, you can clearly see they pay special attention to the hardware section. They use advanced equipment and they think it’s essential that potential customers know this. Whenever one of their partners needs assistance with their products, they are solving these issues via Octavian GLS Remote which is a hardware monitor invented and patented by this company.

Their passion for gaming is so intense that they’re constantly investing in development and new research for inoperative equipment and technology. It’s the smart thing to do given the fact that we live in a fast-paced era where technology is the essence of our daily chores.

Conclusions regarding Octavian Gaming

Octavian Gaming has created some of the most played online casino games and their products are widely known in this industry. Fans can find their online slot machines on various gambling websites that have placed their trust in this Verona-based company.

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