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MultiSlot review

If you were looking for a software provider that’s new and fresh and really wants to innovate, here it is: MultiSlot. This new software provider will surely become a top contender in time since it develops exciting online slots and focuses on social gaming and mobile gaming as well.

  1. MultiSlot Software Provider History

  2. MultiSlot Social Gaming and Mobile Platforms

  3. Best MultiSlot online slot machine games

  4. Why play casino games by MultiSlot Software Provider

MultiSlot Software Provider History

There’s not a lot of information about the company, but if you look deep enough on the internet you will find out that it has been around since 2011 and has its headquarters on the Isle of Man.
It is, of course, registered with the Isle of Man Gambling Commission, one of the most trusted ones in the gambling industry.

MultiSlot is made up of a team of game developers that have been specialized in slot machines and online casino software and, as their name suggest, they will do anything to create the best slot machines!

They focus a lot on their customers and players so they have analysis system that informs them of what players desire and they try their hardest to make every wish come true.

MultiSlot isn’t just focused on producing as many online slot machines as they possibly can to advance in this industry, but they also create content for social gaming, as well as mobile platforms and are focused on offering specialized content for every branch as well as find solutions to make the process easier for online casinos.

MultiSlot Social Gaming and Mobile Platforms

Every one of their online casino games have been moved to the domain of social gaming as well as they have all been successfully launched on Facebook. Since a lot of people enjoy socializing and playing on the same app, there is a huge demographic that benefits from this action.

On Facebook they offer tournaments, leader boards and the possibility to unlock levels of achievement which makes everything a lot more entertaining as well as fun and lucrative.

If social gambling isn’t as developed in the gambling industry yet, mobile gaming has gotten pretty strong the last couple of years. This is because every person has at least one mobile device on them at all times.

This is why smartphones and tablets are a very important focus of MultiSlot. They say that at the moment there are 500 million Android and 400 million Apple devices and all of them need to have access to MultiSlot applications so that they can enjoy playing online casino games at any given time.

Players that choose to gamble online with the help of their mobile devices will share the same high quality experience with amazing online slot machines as they would by playing online slot machines on their PC or casino games in a great land based casino.

Best MultiSlot online slot machine games

Since MultiSlot software provider is quite new to the industry you should not look at the quantity of online casino games that they have on offer (even though it’s quite impressive for the short amount of time they’ve been at it), but at the quality and diversity they offer.

They use both the classic themes like sports, history, underwater and even fruit machines, but they also use interesting combinations that we’ve never thought about chess, romantic cats and condiments.

If the MultiSlot has something that it likes to do with all the online slot machines it makes is to use the regular playing card symbols. If you’re thinking that most software providers use them and that it doesn’t make them special, well… you’re wrong.

This is because while other just place the 10 to Ace symbols in different colors on the reels, MultiSlot software provider makes sure to impress you every time by making them perfectly fit the theme, so much that sometimes you don’t even realize they are there.

This is the case of Vintage Toy Room free slot, where you’ll have to do a double take to figure out that those beautiful old-school toys are actually the playing card icons.

It’s the same with The Purrfect Match, a free slot with a combination of cats, romance and game shows as a theme. Here, the playing card symbols look just like cartoon cats.

You will find that all of their symbols for their online casino games are just hilarious and the contestants, the bachelor and bachelorette cats that are trying to find a romance for a life-time are just brilliant.

Just as it is with this one, you will see that it is similiar with all the rest of their free slot machines. The main bonus game MultiSlot software provider offers in its online slot machines is a free spins bonus round.

While some use only this type of bonus, others will add one more bonus game to the mix to make things even more interesting. This is the case of Diamond Diggin, an online free slot with a mining and gem theme.

While graphically it is just as great as the rest, this one offers an extra bonus game in which you will be riding in a cart through the mines trying to make the right turns and get as many gems as you possibly can.

Dancin’ Zombies is yet another incredibly fun free slot by MultiSlot. You won’t know if you find it funny or scary because it has a little bit of both and the graphics continue to be on par.

This online casino game has an extra bonus game too, but this time it’s a pick me game in which you have to click on tombstomes to find out how much cash you’re getting.

Why play casino games by MultiSlot Software Provider

There are plenty of reasons why MultiSlot is a software provider that you should keep your eyes on. Firstly, they are still very young, but they have already managed to achieve a lot more than some software providers that have been around for a lot more years.

Their take on the industry will have online slot machines expand even more rapidly into mobile and social gaming thus making sure that no matter where you are you can play your favorite online casino games.

Anyway, the best reason remains the great quality their online free slot machines have and the interesting themes that we’ve never seen before.

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