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Mega Jack

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Mega Jack review

This review will give you important information about the software provider Mega Jack. Reading it, you will learn the following:

1. the situation of software providers in Eastern Europe;

2. a concise description of Mega jack;

3. the specific of Bulgarian online slot games;

4. the result of Mega Jack’s algorithms on their slot games;

5. what makes slot games from this company interesting;

6. this provider’s greatest slots;

7. closing remarks about Mega Jack.

The Eastern European software providers for online casinos

The gaming industry has kept a special place for Eastern European countries because they have always contributed to its development. More specifically, many countries such as Estonia, Bulgaria, and Romania are places from where many software providers have emerged.

These are companies with small development teams that were responsible for creating slot and table games with plenty of innovative features. The quality of Eastern European slots has a great variation, some of these companies still using graphics specific to the 80s period. Those online slot games resemble the ones created by Kajot.

A short description of a casino provider

Even so, this region has built and maintained a reputation for excellence in the sector of iGaming. Among many typical success stories, there is also Mega Jack, a software provider founded in Bulgaria in 1999. At that time, they operated under the name of Casino Technology.

Starting from 1999, the online slot games developed by them were destined only for the Eastern European market. After the Soviet Union had collapsed, this was a great event for many businesses that operated exclusively in the domain of casinos.

All of these companies, not to mention the former communist countries across Eastern Europe, had found themselves on an open market. This meant that they were now completely free to launch their products on an international level. Mega Jack had taken advantage of this great opportunity.

Slot machines made in Bulgaria

In the beginning, all slots developed by Mega Jack were a combination between original titles and copies of Western European games. This practice originated in the Eastern Europe and has survived until today.

It is not something original, but it is a practice that helps a player to try out a game in his language and currency. Those are games that the original developers didn’t consider to bring in the Eastern part of Europe.

After accumulating experience with creating slots, Mega Jack had focused on other niches of the fast growing gaming industry. Thus, from 2001, this company had begun to produce, distribute, and also service equipment and casino games.

They have started expanding their object of activity after receiving a license. Their new focal points were in creating the following:

1. arcade games;

2. cabinet-based slot machines;

3. automatic roulette;

4. semi-automatic roulette;

5. other casino systems.

The gaming market had well-received some of Mega Jack’s slots, thus allowing it to become known and popular in brick-and-mortar casinos, betting shops, and bars. The most played of these games were:

  • Champagne Party;
  • Aztec Gold;
  • Slot-o-Pol.

Mega Jack’s algorithms for slots

This company’s online slot games have some interesting and entertaining bonuses and features, which is something that must be appreciated. However, the way Mega Jack is using the algorithms for their slot games is the most important thing.

This is because their team has worked consistently and delivered a high RTP that is more than 96%. The majority of Mega Jack’s online slot games are developed to be played for high stakes. They have also developed titles to be played for low stakes or even for free.

In 2017, Mega Jack is creating slots for both land-based and online casinos. There isn’t any difference between playing their slot games at a land-based casino or from the comfort of one’s home at an online casino. The player should expect the same graphics, sounds, features, and gaming experience.

The specific of this company’s slot games

On all niches of the gaming sector, a fierce competition is taking place. Mega Jack has managed to stand out from it by devising some unusual themes. All Eastern European developers have a special gift: they are using wacky and unique themes.

They were never taken into consideration by Western developers. This Bulgarian development company stands greatly in terms of originality. They are using various themes and captivating stories, such as great historical tales and fairy tales.

All of them are encompassed in a harmonious way into their 5-reel online slot games. This software provider also excels at visuals. Thus, their graphics look really intriguing and the interface is simple. This enables all players to get used to a game right from the beginning.

In terms of sounds, some of their slot games have an enhanced atmosphere and realism as an effect of quality sound effects. Also, the high value of the RTP that stands at 96.5% will make many spinners happy.

All slot games produced by Mega Jack contain a type of bonus system that will keep everything looking great and also prevent the monotony from installing. Any vendor that collaborated with the Bulgarian company is pleased with their software.

The software created by this company has three important characteristics:

1. is secure, using secure servers that host the games;

2. it is complemented by reliable payment systems;

3. it is also locked down in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Some of Mega Jack’s greatest hits in terms of slots

  • Champagne Party

It is a retro slot game, which beeps and chirps just like an 8-bit computer game as the action takes place on screen. The majority of this slot game’s symbols is composed of fruits: pineapple, lemon, melon and other fruits.

They are surfacing and are joined in by superyachts and the expensive champagne bottle. When the user activates the bonus feature, he will play a game of cards against the dealer. The first turn belongs to the dealer, whose card is shown.

If his cards are better than the dealer’s, then he wins. The execution of this slot is extremely basic and the graphics are low-quality, just like the sound.  Champagne Party is a reasonable slot.

  • Aztec Gold

This is another online slot that unfortunately has an extremely basic sound, enhanced with a panpipe effect. The symbols of this South American themed slot have an interesting aspect even if they resemble a 1980s school textbook.

The player must match Aztec pyramids, big cats, frogs, tomatoes and ceremonial headdresses. He must try his best and obtain the magician symbol. This icon is the one that activates the bonus feature. For those spinners that enjoy such themes, they should also try out Jungle Jim: El Dorado.

  • Slot-o-Pol

The design and function of this online slot resemble those of Champagne Party. The symbols it contains include cherries, pineapples and melons and that superyacht. There is, however, a proprietary symbol included in this game, namely the dice.

When the bonus feature is triggered, the player will be taken through a board game. There, he must roll the dice and determine on which square he will land on. Having extremely simple animations, Slot-o-Pol was a good game at the end of the 90s/

There are small chances that it can gain adepts today.

Final thoughts about a Bulgarian slot provider

Many years ago, Mega Jack has been very successful in the gaming sector of Eastern Europe. In the most recent times, they have been surpassed by companies that use more modern technologies. This company has the advantage of creating products destined for the Russian and nearby markets.

This will keep them operating. Even if their games are not the best, they do have a pleasant feel about them, just like those from Endemol. For those that want to spin the reels of Mega Jack online slot games, they can give them a try at online casinos. These slots will also have free play options available.

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