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Mazooma review

Mazooma is a software provider that has been around for 20 years, but they continue to launch high-quality online slot machines even to this day. While they are quite small compared to the major software providers of our time, Mazooma is very well-known, especially in the United Kingdom, the company’s place of birth.

Mazooma Software Provider History

Mazooma software provider has been in the gambling industry since 1997, which makes them one of the oldest casino games producers still going strong today.

The reason why they are still functioning today while others have failed is that they never skimp on quality and they make sure that each and every online slot machine they produce is up to par and maintains their standards.

So, of course, if players have seen what great online casino games they make and that they always get better and better with every new batch of video slots they chose to stick around and keep coming back for more.

Mazooma is a company that’s based in the United Kingdom, in Leeds and Nottingham, and they are still very popular in that part of the world. They have made a successful transition between land-based casinos and into the online casino game universe.

They felt that they could go even further than this so they didn’t stop. Once they were established in the online slot machine industry they kept on going and expanded into the mobile gambling world.

So now, wherever you are you can use your smartphone or tablet, PC or laptop to play Mazooma video slots, directly from your browser with no download required. The only thing you need to be able to play right away is an internet connection.

At this moment, Mazooma is under the umbrella of the giant Novomatic Group, a huge group of companies that play a very important part in creating and integrating extraordinary casino games into the online and mobile mediums.

Mazooma trademarks

There are two types of players as there are two basic types of online slot machines. The first type is that of veteran players that have been playing slot machines for a very long time and have seen the days where the only places you could go to play casino games was in land-based casinos and in some bars.

Those players are the ones that can only enjoy 3 reel slot machines with fruits and sevens and other classic symbols. This type of online slot machine is the one that doesn’t really look like much, but it has pretty nice payouts.

The best part about them is probably the fact that they have the power to cure you of your nostalgia.
Mazooma software provider has this type of online slot machines as well as the five reel ones.

The five reel video slots are the kind that newer players enjoy and even those that have been playing for years because they are the next step on the evolutionary ladder. These video slots have a lot more paylines and much better graphics.

While this doesn’t really mean much when we talk about payouts, the bonus games that they come with will surely change the game and bring plenty of winnings.

The thing that remains the same whether you are playing online slot machines with three reels and a more classic vibe or new cutting edge video slots with five reels, is the color palette that this software provider uses. The colors are always bright and shiny, you won’t ever find anything pastel there.

The colors will throw you back to the times of land-based casinos and you’ll feel right at home the second the online casino games load.

While every video slot is different than the others you will see that all of them have quite a big number of paylines and bonus games, making the gameplay more interesting than in many other online casino games by other software providers.

Even those that lack special bonus games will still have at least a couple of free spins thrown in the mix in any video slot you choose.

Since they’ve been around for some time they have gotten to know their public and so they made sure that everyone will find something to play in their portfolio. This is why Mazooma software provider brings together every kind of online casino game from the classic fruit slot machines to complex video slots with a twist like Snakes and Ladders for example.

Best Mazooma online slot machine games

Cleopatra Last of the Pharaohs is an incredible video slot created by Mazooma software provider that’s part of the newer batch of online casino games.
Because it’s so new it has all the cutting edge graphics you can think of and it looks like something any type of player would enjoy.

The graphics really are interesting because as you play you will see lizards and bugs that keep climbing the reels and they are beautifully animated.
But there’s more to this online casino game than this. It’s even more than the beloved Egypt theme. The payouts are the most important part for most players so everyone will be happy to know that there’s a maximum of 5.000.000 coins to be won if you also try your luck with the double up feature.

For those that are sick of Egypt-themed slot machines, but still want to play a rather classic theme there’s always the option of trying an underwater theme.

Mighty Trident is a great combination between the underwater theme and a Greek mythology theme. This dual theme combined with outstanding graphics will surely capture your attention.

If graphics and sound effects aren’t enough to impress you, worry not because this video slot can back it up with a plethora of bonus games.

While other software providers only have a free spins bonus round, Mazooma made sure that the gods will bestow their fortune upon you and gave this video slot a Compass bonus, a free spins bonus round with stacked icons as well as a Poseidon bonus that has four different bonus games inside of it. You can find Win Spin, Reel Morph, Reverse Stop, and Bonus Win here. What more could you want?

Why play casino games by Mazooma

Because they use every format on their online casino games and they try every theme and they make sure that when you choose Mazooma you don’t have to look elsewhere to find something you want.

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