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Makitone Gaming

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Makitone Gaming review

In the industry of online casinos and casino games, the things are evolving very fast, and new software providers emerge. One of them is Makitone Gaming. This review is about their activity and contains the following:


A fast development of online slot games

The technological development has an accelerated pace in the world of e-gaming. This means that there are always new names and technologies that enter the online gambling circuit in a fast way. Among them, Makitone Gaming is a software company that is only known by few casino players and casino companies.

Their short time on the market is proven by the fact that their website contains no more than five online slot machines. This small quantity is compensated by a  great focus on quality. Thus, many fans of modern slot machines have noticed that these slots respect a top-quality standard.

Even if all of these online slot machines have very familiar themes, they have innovative features that are encompassed in their gameplay. Thus, it is reasonable for many casino fans to expect a promising future and great online slots from this software provider.

A great provider for online casinos: Makitone Gaming

This company has a fresh nature, so the information that can be found about them online is very scarce. Martin Sieben is a representative of Makitone Gaming’s software team. He explains that the headquarters of the company is located in Estonia.

This is the country where Makitone Gaming operates a small and independent game development studio. He also added that the entire team of designers and technicians that create casino products have a senior-level degree of experience in the gambling domain.

Those people have accumulated more than ten years of experience while working for various brands in the casino industry. This can assure any player that the slot machine he is using will have a great quality in terms of graphics, features, and bonuses.

The focus of this company on mobile slots

Being considered young and fresh is a true statement that definitely applies to Makitone Gaming. Their main task is to put an emphasis on creating games that are compatible with the HTML5. In other words, their online slot machines are primarily designed for mobile players.

However, they are also compatible with desktop devices as well. This means great news for many players that use smartphones and tablet devices. All of them can start spinning those slot reels on devices. The only requirement is that these gadgets should be powered by Android, Windows Phone, iOS or Blackberry OS 10.

Why Makitone slots are special


  • This software provider has a small number of products, which are shown on their website and look very promising.
  • The reason for this is that all slot machines from this company are designed in compliance with very high standards.
  • As a consequence, the spinners have a variety of themes from which they can choose. Some of them are used by many companies, while others are really special.

Slot games from this software provider

1. Secrets of a Geisha

With a game matrix composed of 5 reels and 25 paylines, this slot game contains various artifacts from the traditional Japanese culture. The design of this slot is inspired by the famous Geisha entertainers.

The reels of this casino game are set in an elegant and delicate Japanese garden, which has a very relaxing aesthetic effect. This slot will be preferred especially by those people that have a passion for the culture of the Far East.

In terms of payouts, this online slot has the potential of offering a reward of 10 free spins that have a 3x multiplier to enhance wins. There is also a wild symbol available in this slot, that doubles the payouts.

2. Koi Garden

This slot machine is also inspired by the Asian culture and has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The user has a chance to gain up to maximum 15 free spins with an x3 multiplier. The graphics of this slot are centered on the precious Koi fish, an important element in Eastern philosophy.

This fish is related with the Chinese Taoism symbol of yin and yang, while its meaning is related to harmony, happiness, good fortune and good luck. This game requires being played by very lucky players in order to offer some fortunes.

Those lucky players can activate a special side feature where they must select their desired koi fish from a pond. Each fish contains a random bonus prize.

3. Viking’s Victory

Makitone Gaming has taken a different approach compared to their other online slot machines. The slot has a more fierce nature and is centered on the Norse culture. Thus, the 5 reels of the online slot contain many complex engravings. Considering its theme, this game resembles another great title, namely Viking Striking.

Its symbols are all depictions of Viking warriors: an archer, a swordsman, a woman using a sword, and two warriors ( one with a battle axe, the other with a war hammer). This game also contains a depiction of a Viking longboat with an intimidating dragon on the stern.

Those rollers that give the slot some spins have a chance to win some bounty or at least a part of it because the line bet multipliers are up to 5,000x. This slot game contains a bonus feature where the player can make a choice from various barrels of stolen loot. He can obtain some random wins and a special round of free spins.

4. Caesar’s Triumph

Makitone Gaming has designed the slot inspiring from the political power of the Ancient Romans. If the user spins the reels in the right way, then he can obtain some profitable payouts. He can obtain big payouts with the aid of the wild and scatter icons. These symbols can activate 20 free spins with multipliers attached that can multiply any normal win by 6x.

5. The Gang Job

Another 5-reeler with 25 paylines, the current slot is inspired by the famous prohibition period from America. It focuses on a group of wheelers and dealers that would do anything to be rich and notorious.

The gameplay of the online slot is very interesting considering the following categories: The Girl, The Doc, The Boss and the Goon. All of them will compose a team and thus pay combined wins. They also have the power to trigger the 15 free spins round if all of them are landed on the reels simultaneously.

Makitone Gaming and online casinos

The Makitone Gaming online slot machines are only a few, so they cannot be played at many online casinos. This independent company has entered the business and in a partnership with Oryx Gaming. This developer has listed Makitone as one of its third party game suppliers.

Thus, their suggestion is that the Makitone slots will be available in short time on a select range of trustworthy and legal online casinos.

Choosing casino games from this company

Even though the reputation and experience of this company are much smaller than the others, they have a huge potential for success. The Estonian-base software house demonstrates its game creators are people that have a great talent.

Until now, they have created top-quality slots that have excellent graphics and gameplay, just like the ones from Ainsworth. If Makitone wishes to obtain success and become a top player in the gambling industry, they must be bold.

Thus, they should try and innovate in terms of themes used. Besides that, after they will develop more online slot machines, they should have almost as many titles as NeoGames.

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