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Magnet Gaming

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Magnet Gaming review

Magnet Gaming provider is based on Danish soil, working its magic since the year of 2014, with great success and popularity in the iGaming industry. All the online slot machines they developed so far, are based on the same vital values like:

  • fun is our purpose, fun is our way;
  • constantly recycling our business to bring the fresh back again;
  • fairness means respect to the player.

Until now, Magnet Gaming provider has already created 12 beautiful pieces of jewelry based on cutting-edge technology HTML5, one of the reasons why it is respected among online users.
It is one of those providers that as soon as you read about, you’ll keep in mind and look for it whenever you get in your gambling mood. They are certified and their slot machines have everything they need to make a perfect experience happening. Casino games from Magnet Gaming work on multiple platforms so you can play them from the comfort of your home.

Free Online Slot Machines with a Danish hint to it

Magnet Gaming was born from another Danish software provider, called CEGO ApS, which has a richer experience in the online casino industry, being on the market since 2000. Those to companies, the father, and the son are both licensed by the authorities in charge – DGA (Denmark).
The name of Magnet Gaming is perfectly fit to their business because the statistics show that there are great numbers running under the title of “player retention rate”. With other words, the free online slot machines that this particular software provider offer, are like a magnet to the players. They like how it makes them feel and they stick to it.

Values, values, values

Having a vision and a mission is something that every company does, being small or big. But having some values, some principles to base your company’s activity on is something only the best figure how to do. This is also the case for Magnet Gaming provider who we already established, is quite popular despite the fact that they appeared on the market only 2 years ago.

We suspect that behind their success is the fact that they have in mind those three principles that we pointed at the beginning of this review. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose when it comes to Magnetic Gaming slot machines because you will have so much fun playing them.

They focus more than others on making their players stick to the game and coming back for more. They don’t want to just make a great slot that you will play once. No, they want to make your next favorite free online slot machine.

All of this is made the most of the concern for the fairness of the game and random winning or losing. Magnetic Gaming provider is working only with the best of the best and it of great importance for them to be partners only with companies that are licensed by authorities in the field.

Cutting-edge Technology

Magnetic Gaming provider is a modern software developer, respecting the business of online gaming by investing in their own servers and remote game systems that can provide random number generators for their slot machines. This is the trick that helps a casino game to be unpredictable, and therefore fair towards the player. In the gambling world, it is of huge importance that all the casino games available are at the hand of faith and can’t be controlled in a way or another. All slot machines from Magnetic Gaming are specially designed so that they can be easily incorporated in what online platform is needed and they are so flexible that they can be personalized upon the request of the online casino.

Let’s have a look at the partners

We said before that Magnet Gaming provider is a baby of the casino operator GECO ApS. This means that Danish players were the first ones to try the magnificent 12 free online slot machines that we will discuss in a few minutes.
What if you don’t live in Denmark? Well, you might have already realized that this won’t be a problem because Magnetic Gaming released their slots internationally and other places you could actually go and play their awesome games.
Our friends from Microgaming are a good example in this case. Not to mention they are one of the best and most respected slot machine providers in this casino world. They have a special distribution platform that they use for their own games and they will soon be bringing out the great titles of Magnet Gaming.

Finally, we’re talking about the slots!

This is by far the favorite part for us because we love free online slot machines and we are thrilled when we find such a good provider with such good-quality games. It is a delight!
Back to Magnet Gaming, their slots are modern-looking and unique in terms of themes, symbols, and features. Let’s take the one by one to find out more and decide which you’ll play first:

  • Auction Day – is a slot with 3 reels and a theme you won’t see elsewhere. If you got tired of those old TV show remakes, then this is a new game for you to play! Besides the fact that it is unique, it has two (yes, you heard it right) progressive jackpots and 3 bonus games. So? Are you about to hit spin already?
  • Sunny Farm – our next choice is again a 3-reel slot that is full of farm symbols like fruits and vegetables, having a frame resembling a greenhouse. Fun is guaranteed by those three bonus rounds.

There are other slots in this category, with 3 reels, so quite small but also rewarding and we will just list them here for you to try the one that sounds better: Space Gems, Deep Blue, Golden Pyramid and Safari.

  • Let’s get to the bigger ones, with 5 reels and we will start with a beautiful free online slot machine called The Vikings: Wheels of Valhalla. Here you can expect to find 11 win lines, the same magic number – 3 bonus rounds, and two progressive jackpots. It’s a hit!
  • We next recommend a slot called Bank Walt, which takes the action to another place and can’t be compared to other bank-themed casino games. So, this slot machine has 5 reels and 20 paylines, all on a screen inspired by the 20s.
  • Pie Rats – ingenious title for this slot machine, you’ll see why in a second. The action takes you in adventurous times, you are surrounded by sea pirates and you are all sharing a piece of…pie. If that is not original, then I don’t know what is.


Magnet Gaming has only a few games so far, just because they are new on the market and there hasn’t been enough time to work on some more. What they released so far has become a hit and we are their declared fan.

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