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Kajot review

A small introduction for a big company in free online slot machines

Kajot is a software provider that we find particularly interesting and we’ll very soon explain why. Firstly, they begin to operate in 1996 so they have quite some experience on their hands when it comes to the gambling industry. They had to keep up with the changes in this area, with the rapid growing of the newer companies and ever-changing gaming technology.

Their games are simple, as we will see soon enough, and target a population of gamblers that are in for fun and wins and not for graphics and spectacular design. They offer 5-reel and 3-reel slot machines that have different themes, so you will definitely find something that you’ll like.

It is really great the idea they came up with, which is creating their very own platform for free online play. This is how players can enjoy their games directly on their website.

Apart from slot machines, Kajot provider knows how to take the business into its own hands and has:

a special website for online sport-bets called Bet90;
a restaurant;
a bowling establishment;
a casino;

Also, their website and business in not available only for Czech people, but has interfaces in English, German and Slovenian as well.

National is good, International is better!

Kajot provider is a Czech software developer and because of that, it had a hard time trying to take the business to a global, international level. That way, all their efforts focused on the Czech market and Kajot provider is well-known and highly respected in their own country for slot machines and other casino games, but also betting systems and gambling establishments.

What we did observe, is their drive to actually bring the name of Kajot slot machines in the big whole world and move the business to a superior level.

Kajot’s Free Online Slot Machine secrets revealed!

We admit once again that free online slot machines from Kajot provider are not so modern looking like other casino games we tried. They have a classic, vintage theme to it, with fruit symbols and common graphics that doesn’t impress too much.

The reason for this is because this company does not emphasize the looks but the performance and the fairness of their products.Kajot provider offers different slot machines, with three, four and five reels, giving you enough options to choose from. Let us watch them unfold before our eyes.

3-reel Slots and what they bring to the table

The majority of the slot machines in this category are made with classic fruit symbols like lemons, oranges, cherries etc. Our eye was caught by one slightly different, called Big Apple. This free online casino game has 27 paylines and special symbols like apples and pears to begin with. You auto play option and a chance top win 25,000 credit points if you catch the big apple symbol nine times on the screen.

Another slot machine that we considered interesting is called Demon Master and has different symbols inspired by dark, Gothic theme and table cards. This game offers a bonus symbol, that gives you 10 free spins if you form the word “Demon” with 3 special symbols. If you only get the symbol “M” on the screen, then everything you won is multiplied by two.

In total, there are 15 free online slot machines in this category, that you can play for an unlimited period of time, or until you decide to take it towards the real money level.

4-reel is the new deal

This category hosts only ten slot machines, but do not worry because there are good ones. We are going to underline those that we particularly liked because you are free to try all of them whenever you want. So, first, we shall say Karaoke King. It has a fresh vibe to it and the looks are nice too. You get animal symbols like chicken or donkey, a pig or a lion, but also a hot dog with french fries and juice reminding you to eat your meal soon. There are 7 paylines and a wild symbol so prepare to win big!

Next, we choose to present you with Nitro 81, a slot machine that brings out the world of racing cars, a casino game full of adrenaline. It is really fun that every time you get the special sexy girl symbol, your gas barometer rises with one percent and when you get to full capacity, your gain multiplier x3. We think you really need to try this one. It has many bonuses and it is also very captivating.

5-reel or the premium slot machine category

Welcome to the biggest selection of slot machines from Kajot casino provider, as it holds 19 free online games. The simplicity though it’s still present and we think it’s for the best because it means everyone can actually play these slots, and they don’t require any kind of experience in gambling. They are very straightforward, easy and pleasant so all you have to so is call the Gypsy Luck upon you and hit the spin!

Of course, it is hard to choose only two slot machines that we enjoyed from this section of Kojat provider’s portfolio but we are sure gonna give it a try.
First one is Superwave 34, with its super-refreshing theme, taking your mind on the beaches and sun-filled coconut drinks. As you probably guessed so far it offers 34 paylines and a bonus symbol that can get you 2,500 credit points in a simple strike.

The second one, Fly for Gold, has 9 paylines because you are in the 9th heaven! Everything is perfect in here, the sun is shining, the scatter is winning you money and all the other symbols are smiling back to you.


Kajot provider is a game developer that you might not have recognized until now, especially because their business is concentrated in the Czech Republic and not internationally. Even so, they are in full evolution and they grow more and more in the minds and hearts of players worldwide.

Their slot machines have a little bit of everything, not being why to fascinating but also not close to boring. They manage to keep you interested and assure you a fairness of the game so you come back for more.

This is all from our end, it’s time that you get in the game!

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