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InBet Games

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InBet Games review

InBet Games is a software provider company that started back in 2003, having headquarters in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other several countries within the former Soviet Republics.

The company managed to extend its business in all the areas of the gaming industry, including traditional land-based casinos, lottery, and i-Gaming.

This way, the software developer is offering the best goods to its customers, from a manifold spectrum of products in the casino area.

More than that, the association spread across markets in Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Nigeria, Kenya and the Dominican Republic.

Nowadays, the software provider has more than 50 different operators in 17 countries over the entire globe.

Bonuses and rewards

Being one of the biggest players in the casino market, IBG offers its players amazing gifts, including weekly bonuses, Welcome Packages, Match Up bonuses, extra features and so on. Players will definitely enjoy the benefits given by InBet Games.

Personal Happy place

InBet Gaming created a web-based operation called Happy. This is their most famous project and brings together more than 88 entertainments, from table game to online slot machines. Special titles are also included, and this platform gives the sensation of a real casino.

This site is available in 11 languages, a support team is always available and the best thing is that it runs on all types of devices, including the mobile one.

On the move, go mobile

The software provider designed all its games in HTML5, meaning that all of them can be played on mobile devices too. Using special algorithms, Happy works easily and comes with amazing withdrawal options. Their modern attitude towards the mobile universe is what makes InBet Games be so appreciated by players all over the world.

The pride of keeping it traditional too

Before becoming a giant in the i-Gaming area, InBet was popular among land-based casinos. The company decided that this idea is precious, so now IBG offers services like getting shops, kiosks and cyber cafes for the players from Ireland that are conservative in their gaming.

Additionally, InBet offers virtual racing games and popular types of poker like Baccarat, Omaha, and Texas Hold’Em.


InBet Games is a software provider that developed the i-Gaming sector since 2003. This company has all kinds of casino products, for both traditional and online clubhouses.

Their site is available in more than 10 languages and their web-based operation is named Happy.

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