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Igrosoft Gaming review

Who is still questioning Russia’s natural talent when it comes to providing the latest technologies and innovation will get all the information they’ll need to convince themselves of how skilled the Russians are; or, at least, when it comes to online casino game developing.

Meet Igrosoft, an online casino software that’s been on the market since the late nineties and that has grown to become one of the most popular game providers.

Based in Moscow, the company started off distributing real casino machines and offering services in this field (like repair, reprogramming, sales support, and licensing support) , but they have learned quickly how to adapt to the new era of technology, its requirements, and how to occupy and maintain a special spot in the online gambling world as well.

However, the online casino software is not really considered a heavy name in the game, not because of the quality of their services, which is actually quite good, but due to their lack of products.  Igrosoft hasn’t recorded so far too many titles.

Here’s a small ”index” with the main topics linked to our new fav casino game provider you’re about to learn from this review:


Igrosoft casino games

The Igrosoft game selection is quite poor, especially since the company has over 15 years of experience in this domain.

Besides the real casino devices and services, the other products resulted from Igrosoft’s work are slot machines. Apparently, for the virtual casinos, that’s the only category of gambles they have designed so far.

The online casino software holds only 19 slot machines that can be found on the web, whose titles are:

•             Crazy Monkey;

•             Crazy Monkey 2;

•             Fruit Cocktail;

•             Fruit Cocktail 2;

•             Garage;

•             Gnome;

•             Island;

•             Island 2;

•             Juicy Fruits;

•             Junky Box;

•             Keks;

•             Lucky Haunter;

•             Pirate;

•             Pirate 2;

•             Resident;

•             Resident 2;

•             Rock Climber;

•             Sweet Life;

•             Sweet Life 2.

The selection of gambles, although limited, is of good quality, and can face concurrence and can even share the spotlight with other big casino game providers. The slot machines from Igrosoft are well-equipped to resist the hard-times of the modern online gambling industry; they include all kind of features like bonuses, gambles, free spins, and wilds.

The provider’s products come in various styles, designs and they approach different themes. Players haven’t complained about Igrosoft games from this point of view either, but, as you might have noticed, the themes seem to get repetitive. Although the online casino software has got only a few slot machines, instead of focusing on creating more, they have focused on improving them and the company has created therefore second versions of already existing slots.

The game provider’s video slots may not have many amazing animations or 3D graphics, but they came to know a big success among players from all around the world, especially Europe. Actually, is the way they are designed that brought fame to these slot machines; these humorous design and cartoon-like graphics make everything more fun and interesting.  All the slots are colorful and full of life; you just can’t help but love them!


Gaming platforms

You could test the Igrosoft online slot machines accessing one of these online platforms:

•             Ares;

•             Coliseum Bet;

•             Platinum;

•             Slotobar;

•             Betmonsters;

•             Mira;

•             1xBet;

•             Fortune Jack;

•             Crystalbet.

When you’d like to take a break from the casino games and play something just for the joy of it, why not exit the gambling sphere and have some fun trying some Igrosoft arcade games, like Death Road, Ant War or Paratroopers?

The same online casino game provider will probably surprise pleasantly as well the live gambles amateurs, with the Multi Fish game, that includes a slot machine and three different types of video poker.

Games availability

Igrosoft games can be played instantly, without requiring any download. Now, depending what online platform you access them at, you could play it just for fun, or for real money only.

Many online slot machines powered by this online casino software can be played on mobile or tablets as well, no matter what operating system they work with.

What’s actually great about the casino game provider’s products is that they are customizable, so they could fit the standards and requirements of the many countries where their games are played from, other than Russia.

License and support system


So far, there were not made public any possible problems the Igrosoft games users might have faced. But, there hadn’t been found some reliable and relevant information about the online casino game provider’s license. Most probably, the company is licensed in Curacao.

That doubt, however, should not hold the gamblers back from feeling the pleasure of playing the online casino game provider’s products. The real issue here stands between the player and the website they choose.

Before using such an online platform, make sure you make your research and that the casino is to be trusted, and that your personal data are encrypted.

For these who want to personally contact the company for any troubles met or for additional information and feedback, their website holds a contact section where you can e-mail the support team or contact them via phone during working hours.

As far as we are concerned, the Igrosoft games’ Random Number Generator was verified.

Final words

To sum up, Igrosoft might not have to show lots of casino games from all categories you could think of, but their slot machines are fun to play, they are unique, and they could provide you great prizes in case you decide to play them for real.

But that’s enough with the talking! Let’s get straight to the point and rate this casino software based on its main pros and cons:

  • Approximately 20 years of experience;
  • Customizable games;
  • Funny and colorful designs and entertaining themes;
  • Features available;
  • Multi Fish – an interesting casino game combination;
  • Smart devices compatible games;
  • Instant play.
  • When it comes to online gambles, there are mostly slot machines available;
  • There are currently around 10 slot machines available;
  • There are not many known details about the company.
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