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Holland Power Gaming

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Holland Power Gaming review

In this review, we will be talking about a couple of aspects of Holland Power Gaming software provider, in order to give you, the player, an eye-bird view of the activity of this particular game developer and we hope, some good reasons why you would actually try their games.

For now, let’s see what ideas we’ll cover:

1. Beginnings and development
Game portfolio
Take Bonus advised opinion on HPG software provider.

About them – background and evolution

Holland Power Gaming is a relatively new company, having started in 2011 and evolving ever since. The headquarters are in Netherlands, a country ranked as the 7th happiest in the entire world, which gives us an idea of what a quality of life there is. This is reflected in the high-quality of HPG’s video games, sounds and graphics altogether.

Even if the software provider is quite new, the team that makes it’s having more than 25 years of practice and experience in everything that casino industry is about – game design and development.

HPG as a company and a team is recommended by their passion for working, high standards in quality and the continuous research for the future of e-gaming. Their strategy is being one step ahead of everybody and having a vision of innovative technology to make their games the best you’ll ever find out there. This is another reason why HPG is offering tailor-made games, created especially for their partners and taking software supplying to the next level!

Holland Power Gaming has everything it takes, but most importantly, it has fairness and high-quality graphics and sound. These two elements are enough to attract us in playing their free online slot machines and having a great time.

Also, HPG is very active in the industry of casino games, participating in specialized international fairs and gaining popularity among casinos online. Speaking of which, Holland Power Gaming software provider features in the famous casino called 888 that everybody, everywhere know. This casino is listed on our website as well, with all their bonuses and rewards so you are free to check it out when you get the time.

Holland Power Gaming and the games they offer

Enough with the “About us” section, let’s move to more important and interesting things – games!
In their short time since they appeared on the market, HPG created many beautiful slot machines and other casino games that we’ll explore in a second. The main categories are:

Classic Slot Machine Games

You will find thirty casino slots in here, with a diversity of themes, starting from the common fruity ones to the more sophisticated like Amsterdam RedLight District or The Odyssey free online slot machines. The reason why we named this category “classic slots” it’s not because they are very simple and plain, but rather because compared with the next selection, they are not offering so many special features.

Progressive Slot Machine Games

Holland Power Gaming has developed five such slots with progressive jackpots and more chances of winning. Let’s have a look:

The return of Dracula slot, with its 5 reels and 25 paylines is a 3D casino machine design to make you stick to the screen. It offers up to 100 free spins and it triples all your gain along the way. More than that, as you might have guessed, it has a progressive jackpot out there.

GoldRun is a classic-looking game, fruity and nice and also an example of tailor-made slot machine design especially for the online casino with the same name. It has – wait for it! – 4 progressive jackpot for you to win!

Rio Carioca free slot machine is more than a casino game is the very atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro carnival brought directly to your electronic device. It’s full of prizes and rewards, bright colors and jiggling sounds. In case you wondered, yes, it is 3D, it is a whole new world waiting for you!

Bingo slots

“The one and only” – how we like to describe the game called Bingo +2ball Free Online Slot. It is quite new, came out on the market in 2014 and presents a very attractive machine suitable for a large category of people. The game makes you choose a maximum of ten numbers from a total of 80 possible places. Then, 20 balls drop on the ground and if you feel like it, you can buy 2 more to increase you winning chances.

This is a casino game that has two levels of progressive jackpot just to make it even more catching than it already is.

Table Casino Games

We’re moving towards the next series of products from our main game developer today, Holland Power Gaming! They didn’t miss out the table games, consisting of European Roulette, European Blackjack, and American Blackjack. These are the games that bring the spirit of casino alive and respect its origins. As we said before, HPG is far from having a complete suite of free online casino games and lacks some classics like Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Poker etc.

As you can see, HPG’s portfolio isn’t big but is growing in time, slowly but surely and that is of a huge importance. We see software providers like Simbat, that have tons of games, all looking alike and made just for the sake of number, not quality.

We appreciate the fact that this company is trying hard to make things in a committed way, taking their time to perfection a game and not releasing it way too soon, before growing to its full maturation.

Final thoughts

By now, as we reach the end of our review, we think you already made your mind. We’re definitely convinced and we recommended Holland Power Gaming software provider with all our heart. It is high-quality, safe, reliable and without a doubt worth a play!

This is all on our end, it’s time for you, our Brave Viking to take the lead!

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