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Habanero review

Sometimes you just want to spice things up in your life. Either you feel like you entered a daily routine and all you do is go to work, come back home and play the same online slot machines. Or all the casino software provider you know are creating similar casino online games. Same structure, same bonuses, same special rounds. Only the theme might differ a little. All this can be over! No more boring reels and silent slots!

The spice you are looking for is Habanero Systems company. They are a creative casino software provider that tried to diversify the palette of themes, music, and characters. As what their name represents, as hot and spicy their online casino slot games are. Habanero is not a chili pepper to play with in your food. But Habanero Systems it’s the perfect casino software provider to play their products of. While playing their casino online games, you might get hot from all the spinning and the features.

Check out this review and find out everything about their casino online games and multitude of slots. If you are familiarized with online gambling you probably did spin some of Habanero brand slots. They are dynamic, colorful, and full of nice round bonuses. Sounds like any other slot machine, but you’ll see the difference.

About the company

All casino software provider want to innovate the industry. Every gaming company is trying to be a bit special and develop their own personal trademark. It’s very hard to do that since there are so many online casino slot games from so many game developers. But if they have a good young team with fresh ideas it’s impossible not to come up with modern and new features or structure.

Because they have analyzed the industry of online games they realized what

  • operators need
  • online casino slot machines’ players want

This is the best combination to focus on while creating new games because like this a company can

  • develop a strong relationship with their clients
  • understand what are the problems a client might have and provide fast and effective technical and business support

Even though Habanero Systems considers itself as a small company, they took this to their advantage:

  • to work quicker
  • make instant decisions
  • respond faster

As such the clients generate revenues very fast and benefit from better royalty rates.

Casino online games

Habanero Systems has a wide exciting portfolio with:

  • over 70 captivating slot machines
  • 10 table games
  • 10 video pokers
  • all use the HTML system

Game design elements

The company is very dedicated and besides the fact that they are trying to updated their portfolio monthly releasing new games, they also come with a couple of new game design elements applicable to all their products, such as:

  • the possibility of playing multiple games at the same time
  • check your real time game history viewable in-game
  • play all online casino slot games in portrait and landscape on any mobile device
  • many casino online games have shared components for quicker loading times
  • all the payout tables are clear and explicit in order to keep as much transparency as possible
  • the online casino slot machines have various RTP (return to player) percentages. This is the percentage of all real money wagered and the pay back over time
  • the slot games have the quick spin and stop option for the players on the run
  • the video pokers and online casino slot machines present the gambling option

Gaming management system

Habanero Systems is among the few casino software providers that are interested in really developing a tight relationship with their partners. They offer to customers the opportunity to manage and control every part of their gaming business. From configuration to player management, Habanero Systems build their casino online games as such as the game may be manipulated by the client.

Game configuration

  • the parameters of all products are set up by the client according to currency, type of game, player class, specific games or players
  • these specifications can be changed anytime
  • the customizable parameters are the coin size, multiplier, stake, max bet


  • the client can gain instant access to any data he wants regarding the products, currencies and so on
  • monitoring the trends and RTP

Jackpot Management

  • even the progressive Jackpots are available to be changed according to the casino operator
  • they are configurable to any decided RTP percentage
  • the currency is set after the official currency of the online casino

Security and fraud

  • the majority if Habanero Systems games have an amazing backoffice system of detecting any deposit fraud by auto-blocking the players

Bonus management

  • all the bonus rounds are included in wagering accumulation
  • the online slot machines present the most common special rounds such as free spins and other innovating new boards

Best Habanero Systems online games

With monthly releases of new online casino slot games and other card table games, it’s pretty hard to keep up with this company. They have attracted many players because of their diversity and very organized slots. It’s very hard to pick just a couple of them since many have great designs and colors, interesting and exciting themes, and loads of bonus rounds.

Bombs Away

  • it’s a slot that takes place in the Second World War and you are a pilot of United States Army
  • it presents 50 pay lines on a 5×3 grid system
  • the scatter will trigger up to 10 free spins
  • and the progressive Jackpot might be won at the conclusion of any game
  • you have to pay attention to all the bombs because when they explode your reels will be on fire

Flying High

  • you’re on the board of a luxurious airplane that is flying you to an unknown destination
  • 25 paylines will mix your symbols into great winning combinations
  • 10 to 15 free spins might be activated by different elements and can be retriggered
  • the jackpot is triggered at random

Golden Unicorn

  • this time you are going to be transposed into a fairytale-like scenario where fairies will help you spin and unicorns will glow the reels
  • with 25 paylines and a 5×3 reels system, this slot is amazingly charming
  • there are 15 free spins to be won

If you didn’t play any Habanero Systems games until now, it’s time to try them out because you’ll never regret.

Habanero Casinos

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King Billy Casino
King Billy Casino
Takebonus Rating - 7.1/10
255% Welcome Bonus + 73 Free Spins at King Billy Casino
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