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Geco Gaming review

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1. What does Geco Gaming software provider really stand for?
A little bit about the quality of their work
What about the kind of games they offer?
Are they worth it?

What does Geco Gaming software provider really stands for?

Geco Gaming software provider is a company not fully matured, as it was developed in 2014, in the United Kingdom. This is not a drawback for them though, because they made a strong reputation by being honest and having good, powerful values to be considered when manufacturing free online slots.

Maybe you wonder what “Geco” stands for. We’re about to tell you that it translates to Gaming Engine Co-operative and refers to an original feature of this software provider, called RGS or Remote Gambling Server.

Also, we think you should know that Geco Gaming software provider is the “baby” of two well-known e-gaming companies, called The Gaming Lab and Wagermill, which merged in this modern game developer we are talking about today. This is how we explain their success, by the fact that they already had the know-how and the strategies, the clients and partners portfolio and all the other variables that make a business thriving.

A little bit about the quality of their work

The services here at Geco Gaming are special, as this software provider is making everything possible to come up with the latest HTML5 technology and Flash. They offer games online, on a desktop or mobile platform, depending on the slot machine you choose to play.

We told you about the RGS system, this people have incorporated. Let us now tell you what does is really mean and how it impacts the quality of their slot machines. Remote Gambling Server is an operation system created to offer independent management over the game platform, and to sustain the co-operative concept of Geco Gaming software provider.

They are talking about a way of co-creating games, hand to hand, bringing the best to life in this fascinating world of e-gaming.

This is how big names of the casino industry are actively participating in creating innovative slot machines. A few of them are The Games Company, Games Warehouse and Core Gaming.

The quality of their casino games is seen through their reputation and efforts. Geco Gaming software provider is a licensed company, multi-platform oriented and offering a variety of slot machines appreciated by the best representative of both the players’ and the providers’ world.

No more to say that Geco Gaming company was listed as a nominee of the EGR B2B Awards in 2015 – this is only one year since they were founded – for a special category named “Rising Star”. Even if they didn’t win, they made it as one of the best which is pretty cool considering how fast they got to the top and how many other game developers are trying to be seen.

What about the kind of games they offer?

With all the original features they have, the fact that they are still young is counting big when it comes to game portfolio. This is because even if they have potential, they need the time to put their efforts together and create outstanding online slot machines.

Everything you will find on their platform is very high quality but simple in essence, with a maximum of five reels. Next, we will discuss them in detail, by third party partners that help co-create those slot machines:

1. The Games Company

Has created two of the slot machines available, and is offering bonus rounds and free spins, with diverse themes for their games;

As an example we give you Light Races, a video slot machine offering no more, no less than 50 paylines, having a racing theme and bringing a wholo movie-like scenery, with high-rise buildings and neon lights.

The second game is called KGB Bears, again with 50 active winning lines, but with a more amusing theme, showing a couple of Russian secret agents which are – you guessed – bears!

This slot machines are having the same particular feature, located on the lateral side of the screen and revealing randomly a bonus of free spins and multiplier points for each round. To win this, you need to get at least three scatter symbols on the screen.

You will recognize this slot machines by their excellent graphics and visual design.

2. Geco Gaming slot machines

We shall give you some captivating titles to search for and play in the free or real money mode.
Let us tell you about Mystic Gems, a slot machine that may seem simple at the beginning, offering 5 reels and 25 win lines. Its theme is Arabian realm, with extravagant jewels and riches all over the place.

The Middle East is closer that you thought and is inviting you on a trip of real wonders. This slot machine is having the story line of a movie, with a good-looking princess as the main character and the scatter of the game, bringing you up to twenty-four totally free spins;
The game includes some wild symbols as well, all precious stones that give you multiplier points and a lot of fun!

Are they worth it?

We said before that Geco Gaming software provider it’s still in its early ages and has a lot of work to do in order to become more popular among slot machine players. Still, it has great potential and resources to make it happen. We like them, and their initiative to be co-workers with other big names in the industry, in bringing awesome slot machines to the public.

We say it is worth a try and invite you to try their games and make your own impression of Geco Gaming software provider. You need to be patient, though, because they are no many, but they are good!

In conclusion, we would like to say that there are good and not-so-good slot machines out there, as there are good and not-so-good game developers. Our job is to bring them to you, so you can do the rest – play, enjoy your time, and maybe even make some money!

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