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GamesOS review

GamesOS software provider is the perfect example of how you can become great and make a difference even if you’ve just entered the gambling industry. You don’t have to have a lot of years in the business, you have the chance to be a new and exciting company as long as you’re innovative and have the will to succeed.

GamesOS Software Provider History

This amazing company was founded in 2011, making it one of the newest software providers of the industry. Still, just because they are really young doesn’t mean that they don’t know what they’re doing.

Their team is made up of professionals that have over 13 years of experience in the gambling industry. They keep innovating and inventing all sorts of things to make the gambling more fun and interesting and always stay on top of their competition.

Their portfolio of online casino games already includes over 200 different games. You are able to find video slot machines, classic card games and table games, scratch cards and video poker.

If you really enjoy online slot machines as well as video poker then you’ve probably played some of their online casino games, but you just didn’t know they belonged to them.
GamesOS uses HTML5 and Flash when making online slot machines which means that no matter what device you choose to play them on, laptop, PC or mobile device, you may get the same amazing quality video slot machines and you can play them directly from your browser without having to download any additional software.

If you’re a live online casino game player then you’ll be happy to know that this software provider is one of the few that actually uses LimeLight and lets you play roulette, baccarat or blackjack live in real time.

GamesOS trademarks

The weird thing about their online slot machines is that they stand the risk of falling into anonymity and you might not remember the titles they have.

This happens because they offer such a vast array of online slot machines that after you’ve played quite a number of them you won’t be so impressed by their potential anymore.

It’s not that they focus more on quantity than quality, in fact they have both these things, but their great number influences the way you see their video slot machines.

Most of them have nicely done graphics, but graphics aren’t really their most important feature that sets this software provider apart from the others. Instead, there’s the user-friendly interface and the payouts that really make GamesOS stand out and be worth your time.

Since they are so many it’s complicated to find something every one of them has in common with the others, but if we have to settle on something then it’s the easy way you can set your preferences and the amazing payouts available.

Best GamesOS online slot machine games

As we were saying before, GamesOS software provider has a vast array of online slot machines available so it’s going to be quite hard to pick the best of them. It’s all a matter of taste and about what kind of themes you enjoy more.

Still, we think that no matter what you’re preferences for online slot machines are, you are really going to enjoy these online casino games. They’re definitely worth at least a spin!

There are a lot of Halloween or horror themed online casino games, but House of Scare video slot manages to be both creepy and funny at the same time. There’s a free spins bonus round as well as a more exciting one. The bonus will have you choose one of three racers. These will then have a coffin race and if your racer wins you get a lot of coins.

Magic of Oz might be the most famous online slot machine created by GamesOS software provider. First of all, it has a very special reel format that sets it apart from basic online casino games. You will also get a wild that can expand and stick in place while also offering you two re-spins.

There are even more bonus features, apart from the free spins you can also play a Pick a Gem round or a Diamond Arrow round where you can win more free spins with even better multipliers.

Those that like a nicely done Wild West theme should definitely try out Maverick Saloon video slot. Apart from the nice graphics you also get to shoot turning figures to get a great number of free spins with awesome multipliers.

New York Gangs is one of their newest video slot machines and it’s simply amazing. It’s the most graphically impressive online casino game they have created until now and you should definitely play it in full screen to really appreciate it.

There are two great bonus games in play. The first one is the Odd Man Out where you have to shoot one of the gangsters to win money. The second one is a Russian Roulette and you need to choose whether to pull the trigger or not for several rounds.

Vampire Slayers is an interesting and fun video slot machine game with a vampire theme. There are plenty of online casino games that feature this theme, but this one deserves a place among the best ones.

There are two bonus games available. The first one is a simple free spins one, which you will actually find in any GamesOS video slot machine. The second is one in which you will have to pick three out of five coffins. For every vampire you kill you will receive bonus points. When you find an empty coffin the bonus round ends.

Why play casino games by GamesOS

Because you really have a vast array to choose from, you can play a different online casino game every day. If you get bored of video slot machine games you can always switch to scratch card games or video poker or whatever you want. There are plenty of options: different themes, different types of game-play or payouts!

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