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Fremantle review

This review contains information about Fremantle, a software provider whose inventiveness has led to the creation of online slot machines inspired by TV shows. Find out about the link between slot games and television and what is the innovative element in all Fremantle slots.

You wouldn’t want to miss learning about the specific of this software provider and find out what are their most attractive of their slots. The last two sections will tell you a few words about their history as a company and give you three arguments that recommend them.

Slot games and television

In the domain of online gambling, there are many traditional software houses, and Fremantle is the exception from this rule. Actually, they are a TV company that has become an owner of some of the biggest brand shows.

The origins of Fremantle can be traced back to 1917, the only exception being the Fremantle Media, a branch formed in 2001. Their activity consists in finding other outlets for their branded shows. In this category, they have their popular shows Family Fortunes, Blockbusters and Play Your Cards Right.

The Fremantle Media is a company specialized on global content that has a network of offices across a number of 31 markets. They are creators, producers, and distributors of high-quality content across digital platforms and traditional TV.

They are featured in the gambling domain because their online slot games are designed as to make their brands available to new audiences. Usually, many software providers have inspired from brand names and created only mediocre online slot games. Thus, Fremantle online slot games will really make a difference in quality at any online casino. They can really compete with other games, such as the ones from Saucify.

Fremantle has set themselves apart from those slot makers and created very good online slot games.  Because some of those shows are old, the graphics of their slot games will deliberately have a retro aspect. This fact is compensated by well-produced bonus features and gameplay which prove that these online slot games are modern and well-produced.

Fremantle: a software provider with innovative slots

Sometimes keeping things simple is an optimum way for a company to introduce innovative features into their products. In Fremantle’s case, they have inserted bonus features in their online slot games that are based on popular TV game shows. Any online casino that contains slots from this company on their offer will be very successful.

Some of them require the player to watch the show first in order to fully understand. This is the case with Hole in the Wall slot game. There, one must fit his avatar through a hole that has the shape of a person.  Other examples of such innovative features are the High-Low from Play Your Cards Right, and also the families that are dueling from Family Fortunes.

Other innovations used by this provider are the shrinking and expanding symbols from Hole in the Wall and a feature bonus with progressive prizes. The latter is to be found in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly slot machine. For anyone that enjoyed playing them, they should also try slots from Realistic Games and make a comparison.

Specific Fremantle slot machines

Any online slot games created by Fremantle must respect a golden rule: they must have a tie-in with their licensed movies or branded shows. Some great slot games that must be mentioned in this regard are the following:

  • Take Me Out: Date Night
  • Robocop
  • Stargate SG1

Another common characteristic to all Fremantle online slot games is a deliberate retro design of their symbol. All of these slots are 5-reelers.

Their best online slot machines

All of their slots are very good, and some of them work even better without knowing the brand behind them than others. Below are mentioned some of Fremantle’s best products:

1. Date Night;

Some players may find this game confusing, but those that are fans of the original show will be absolutely mad about it. This title contains some attractive features for any player:

  • Fernando’s Free Spins Bonus (a great wager-less spins feature);
  • girl contestants that are wild and scatter symbols simultaneously;
  • 2 special wild symbols that always land on the middle reel.

2. Family Fortunes

This is considered by many users as the best title from Fremantle. The general setup creates the feeling of being under studio lights. The main action is taking place in 2 different bonus games:

  • a free spins round;

This will keep on going until the player obtains 3 orange X symbols.

  • choosing the answer to show top questions.

Besides this selection, the player can gain a bonus for guessing the top answers.

3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A western game that has become a favorite for many spinners. Having a solid and atmospheric gameplay, the bonuses are the main attraction of this online casino game. They are the following:

  • a shooting gallery;
  • a Graveyard bonus.

The latter is offering the possibility for any player to obtain a smaller progressive jackpot.

4. Robocop

  • This online casino game has an attractive gameplay and its main attraction is the bonus Assault on OCR. This feature has been created on a 1990’s console fighting game format. It will also recreate the look and feel of arcade games from the 90s.

Any online casino that features this slot can provide players with a mixed experience of arcade playing and cash hunting, slot machine-style. Another slot game that contains the same sci-fi theme and is very fun to play is Transformers from IGT.

History of a slot provider

Over the years, the ownership of this company and its subsidiaries has increased its complexity. The main business has known big names from television such as Pearson. The entire company has become part of the RTL group.

Those players that are focused entirely on slots should know that all of Fremantle’s slots are designed to become as popular as their successful big-brand shows.

Closing remarks about this online casino games producer

1. They have created some very good slot games.

2. Their production team is very professional and they have gone beyond the just another tie-in concept.

3. Those slots from Fremantle start to have a wide appeal, and this is happening especially the fans of the show.

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