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EvoPlay review

Reasons why EvoPlay is a great provider of slots and casino solutions

  • EvoPlay is a software provider that has been founded in 2003. Since that period, they have become a major developer of integrated products and solutions that activate in the gaming industry. The name of this company is a contraction for evolution.
  • EvoPlay aims to provide an evolutionary gaming experience for their customers, this being delivered through their own gaming platform. The type of business on which EvvoPlay is focused is B2B, their activity at the moment is actually booming.
  • Having hundreds of clients and millions of players that enjoy its products, this software provider has set a strong foot in the gambling industry. This company is the result of a very talented group of entrepreneurs. Their series of B2B gaming products was quickly followed by high praise, appreciation and a great popularity.
  • In the beginning, making online games was this software provider’s object of activity. This happened in 2003, but the company has expanded its operations since then. After a number of merger and partnerships, EvoPlay has become an international conglomerate.

Their object of activity has also diversified and now they focus on the following:

1. gambling mathematics solutions;
2. games and gaming;
3. multi-platform CMS;
4. providers for payments;
5. user support and retention;
6. finance and analytics;
7. recruitment;
8. traffic management.

Products of this online casino software provider

No matter what is their product, EvoPlay uses a precise methodology to develop and release it, where nothing is left to chance. The company has a strong conviction: the needs of the customer are always a priority and this must be reflected in its products. This conviction is the engine that sets in motion their design, implementation, promotion and support.

The representatives of this company are always stating that their products are the element that delivers excellent value for money. A second claim EvoPlay has made is that their employees have great satisfaction caused by developing a product, customizing it and also bringing it to market. The quality of their online slot machines can be compared with those slots from Amaya.

The starting steps are made by the place where all the activity of this company has begun more than ten years ago, at their game development division. The combination practiced by this provider is between innovative technologies and a creative approach. This approach consists in a mock-up on how their final product should look before proceeding by the book.

Sometimes, even software developers are distracted by the technology itself. Using the latest tools is important as they become available. However, these devs should keep in mind two important aspects: the game itself and the type of experience they desire to create.

Keeping these things in check is one of the main aspects of EvoPlay’s strategy. This is why their focus is on balancing the use of the latest tech solutions with a focus on their creativity. After all, the most valuable asset this company has at his disposal is the ideas of its members.

The platform developed by EvoPlay

Usually, building a proprietary platform is a complex task which takes countless of hours of development. That platform must be designed, tested and perfected in order to operate smoothly. That proprietary platform must also be compatible with third party vendors and different software operated by many online casinos.

The platform from EvoPlay has been designed to be sturdy and durable. More specific, this product has to meet three requirements:

1. handling loads which are extremely high;
2. to perform in real time complex mathematical calculations;
3. to operate with high volumes of traffic without crashing or even slowing.

The engine that powers up this strong EvoPlay platform are a modular build, whose function is to interlock every critical component:

  • the core;
  • the system bus;
  • Its role is to relay messages between the modules.
  • the modules themselves.

They are complex hardware parts which contain the following:

1. user management;
2. statistics;
3. content management;
4. financial operations;
5. partner program support;
6. antifraud;
7. business intelligence;
8. a panel for content management.

Payment methods available for online casino operators

EvoPlay is also dealing with Payment Processing, their billing platform allowing casino operators to easily manage their finances. The input, output and account transfers are available with detailed analytics showing the status of their client’s business.

Having an advanced anti-fraud protection system, their software is one of the best in the industry. EvoPlay’s software has full compliance with PCI DSS standards, while this company has entered into partnerships with some of the leading payment providers.

Among the payment mechanisms and technologies to which the platform designed by EvoPlay is compatible are:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • QiWi;
  • LiqPay;
  • Neteller;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Skrill;
  • WebMoney;
  • Yandex Money.

This slot maker’s client assistance

Providing a vast range of products and services, the personnel from EvoPlay have also made big investments in their customer support service. This is a comprehensive service which includes:

1. an online chat service;
2. online request forms;
3. the ability to call the company and receive instant expert support by phone.

All of EvoPlay’s clients are satisfied with this company’s methods of problem-solving, which are prompt and efficient. There is an automated system in place which ensures the satisfactory resolving of all customer requests.

Some special EvoPlay online slot machines

This software provider’s online slot machines should be something special. This consideration is based on the features they are offering to their clients. Some of the most important ones are payment processing, detailed analytics, or in other words, expertise and top range technology.

Many slot players have characterized their online slot machines as absolutely stunning, just like those from Yggdrasil Gaming. This is not something unusual considering their exquisite graphics. From an aesthetic perspective, EvoPlay online slot machines are resembling with many top-quality FPS found on the Steam store.

Battle Tanks

Taking place in an abandoned city which was destroyed and ruined by war, this slot machine sends a player to fight to the death for some tempting payouts. This slot machine is more than just a gambling game, having remarkable animation, dynamic music, and state-of-the-art graphics.

Dolphins Treasure

The online slot machine from EvoPlay will absolutely immerse a spinner into a bright world that seems to be a great replica from a Disney cartoon.


All rollers will set sails with the aid of the bravest sailor in the seven seas, in search for some awesome treasures.

EvoPlay the online slot machines developer: last remarks

The domain of online gaming is ruled by a great king, EvoPlay. They have demonstrated to both clients and competitors their mastery of thrilling casino games.

Using impressive technology, this online slot machines developer has caused many players to have spectacular playing experiences. The only thing a spinner must do is play an EvoPlay slot machine. These slot machines have taken entertainment to another level. It seems that Microgaming has some serious competition with EvoPlay.

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