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eGaming review

eGaming is a software provider from the Czech Republic that designs online slot machines, and other titles that can be played in online casinos. The eGaming company also has its own gaming platform used by its clients. You can find out more by reading this review.

You will also find out about some of the best eGaming online slot machines and also other casino games. Also, if you are a video poker fan, then you will find useful information about it in this review.

Slots from the Czech Republic

eGaming is an Eastern European software development firm whose specialty is designing online slot machines and other casino games. Their trademark consists in sharp graphics and 3D effects. Besides slot games, they have also released table and dice games and video poker.

This Czech software provider is based in Prague and celebrates more than a decade in the casino industry. In this period of time, they have started from dominating their internal market to becoming a powerful brand on the international scene. The most popular accessories by which eGaming are known are their video lottery terminals (VLT).

eGaming is the first company that introduced VLTs to the Czech Republic. They have grown their network to 13,000 terminals internally and 20,000 internationally. In the last few years, their terminals have reached Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Belgium, Spain and Mexico.

The last two years were profitable for this company. Thus, they have also expanded into markets from Colombia, Panama, and Serbia.

The platform of this slot provider

This software provider has released its own gaming system which is known as multi-lotto Server Based Gaming (SBG). This is a secure gaming platform designed by eGaming to facilitate a multi-channel gaming and also to integrate with third party platforms.

SBG can also facilitate progressive jackpots and it can be easily integrated into brick-and-mortar casinos and other gaming premises. SBG is scalable which makes it a suitable tool to casinos of all sizes and of increasing complexity.

The SBG of the firm allows their clients to connect VLTs together and access the complete collection of games from eGaming. They can choose from slots to table games.

Contacting this provider of slot games

eGaming has become a powerful company in their homeland and their headquarters are located in Prague. They have separate phone numbers and email addresses for their divisions of customer support, manufacture and service.

This provider also has offices in Spain, Romania, and Slovakia where they can be contacted by their clients. Any enterprising designer and coder that trusts his skill set to benefit their company are expected by eGaming at their headquarters.

The recent months have shown opening positions in the company, all of them being advertised on their website. They are searching for a digital 3D artist, a service desk support engineer, and an IT administrator. The majority of these jobs are based in their office from Prague.

Slots and eGaming systems

The services offered by this company can be classified into three categories:

1. games;
2. systems;

This category is covering the linked systems of this company for e-gaming. They use a multi-bonus fully functional system, supported by a server. It is composed of three video gaming machines that are connected together. The machines display progressive pots on a large screen to benefit players from where they are installed: casino or games room.

3. slot machines.

This Czech provider also has a multi-lotto CLS which has become used in many countries. This CLS is a server-based system that contains game logic and a Random Number Generator. Its function is to offer their clients the ability to operate games over the web or using LAN.

Terminals from a slot creator

The main activity of eGaming consists in creating games, a category in which slot machines are also included. The company also designs, develops and distributes VLTS, that carry lots of games, including slots. In time, they may become very successful, just like Microgaming.

They are created specially for brick-and-mortar casinos and betting shops. At the moment, the company has four models of video lottery terminal that has some useful features included. These features are the following:

1. high-quality sound;
2. local or area progressive jackpots;
3. dozens of online slot machines from which to choose;
4. payouts offered by the hopper and note dispenser.

The clients of this provider are free to select which online slot machines they want to appear on the VLTs. Their options include the following slot machines: Black Pearl, After Dark, Hunter’s Dream, Lil’ Devil, Sticky Four and Yellow Dragon.

eGaming slot machines

The high degree of professionalism and visionaries of eGaming are shown by their online slot machines. In their period of more than 10 years in the industry, they have released a big number of slot machines for their VLTs and also for online casinos. The majority of themes eGaming is using are commonly known and used by other companies such as NetEnt. They also use some themes which show their inventive and playful side.

This company is also daring enough to experiment with the formula of a slot design. Thus, they have switched between 3, 4 and 5 reels and incorporated additional ways to win and bonuses as they considered.

Some of eGaming’s greatest online slot machines

Ferris Wheel

This is a standard slot with 4 reels and 256 winning lines. The purpose of the player is to collect those spinning Ferris wheel symbols. These aren’t the only symbols one will seek, this title also having wild symbols and a mystery bonus represented by a gold star. When 3 stars are landed, the mystery bonus feature activates and generates a random cash prize.

The rest of this slot’s symbols are fruits, depicted in a style which resembles a lot with Candy Crush. Having a design pixelated deliberately and a red digital display, this online casino game has great looks and is very fun to play.

After Dark

With a supernatural theme, the After Dark slot game has 5 reels, 5 paylines and fearsome symbols. Thus, the wild is a set of fangs, while the other icons are rams, cats, and other animals. This title doesn’t contain innovative elements to be considered revolutionary. Even so, its animations and sound effects are cleverly designed as to make this online slot superior to others with the same format.

Circus 64

This online slot machine has 3 reels, but sometimes the looks can be deceiving. Playing it can provide a player with lots of entertaining action. Having 64 paylines and a variety of symbols such as bonus and wild ones, and the chance of obtaining a mystery win, this game is promising enough. When the spinner lands 3 bonus symbols on a payline, he will activate the bonus game, which is a high-low feature.

Other casino games from this provider: table games, dice games, and video poker

1. Table games

At the moment, eGaming has only three such releases:

  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Texas Hold ‘Em.

Those developers from eGaming haven’t introduced any novelties in this case, but their conversions of those already classic games are worth playing. They have done a wonderful job by converting them into online versions. The contribution of eGaming to this conversion can be summed up by the following:

1. graphics created in fine detail;
2. clear sound effects;
3. finely crafted animations;
4. many customizable options.

Their conversion of blackjack lets the players take their chances against the dealer using between 1 and 5 hands. They can bet up to a maximum with each hand played. Also, roulette contains plenty of useful features. The most useful ones are autoplay, and the possibility to analyze game stats and betting patterns.

1. Dice games

After releasing their first dice product, eGaming have released many similar games that have color schemes and also distinctive themes. This provider has managed to create some of those as online slot machines, which is something new.

This is the case with Pearl Dice, where instead of those classic playing card icons, eGaming replaced them with dice. Having 5 reels and 9 paylines, this dice-slot hybrid has a curious combination of symbols: oceanic flora and fauna and dice.

A similar format was also used in Treasure Cubes, a title that has a 5×3 layout. A pre-game must be completed while playing it. This is required in order for a user to activate the main feature game.

2. Video poker

There are 7 types of video poker games released by eGaming until now:

Multi Poker 4 Cards

This game lets a player try his luck on 81 possible winning lines, using 2 decks of cards.

Deuces Wild Poker

This title contains a single deck of cards, but the player has the possibility of replacing one card per round.

  • Double Bonus Poker;
  • Five Lines Poker;
  • Hunter’s Poker;
  • Jacks or Better;
  • Video Poker.

The graphics of these games are simple but clean and their paytables have a clear display of the values of winning hands.

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