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Dopamine review

If you take a look on Dopamine’s website you will understand why this software provider is considered an innovative company in the online gambling industry, as they come with an original approach to the idea of business. This Bulgarian company is the perfect example of how to adapt to the new trends, to attract people from the new generations. These guys use a nonconformist style, and the members of the board dress casual and cool, while their ways of communication are informal and use lots of slang words. This style is reflected in their casino games, as well, so let’s see what you’ll learn about Dopamine software provider from this article:

Main details about Dopamine software provider


Dopamine is a software provider from Bulgaria which focuses on creativity in all areas they activate in. Their products are available in 23 languages and they plan on reaching even more people, by translating them into even more languages. The members of their team are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, Italian, and even Urdu and they are all learning Bulgarian in the present.

Products offered by this software provider


Dopamine is highly involved in the online casino industry and they offer lots of products and services to cover all the needs of any gambler. Apart from online casino games, Dopamine software provider also offers gaming platforms and CMS Solutions, as well as experimental products. Their game engines are super fast and the platforms they develop are built by an enthusiastic team of experts who share their skills and ideas to come up with the best solutions.


The casino games developed by Dopamine use the latest technologies and some creative themes and features that make them unique among the games from their categories.

Best games developed by Dopamine


As I stated before, the online casino games provided by this software provider are some of the best you’ll play and even though it is hard to choose the greatest slots from their portfolio, I managed to come up with a list of what I consider being their best titles:

  • Lucky Wizard
  • Winter Wonders
  • Epic Journey
  • Jingle Bells

Lucky Wizard slot


With some high-quality visuals, 3D animations, and a unique theme, this online slot machine provides an exciting gambling experience in Dopamine’s unique style. It has a fixed number of 40 paylines, which makes it really rewarding, even if its prizes are not as big as those offered by a slot with less winning lines. This friendly wizard will help you win as many prizes as possible, so give this game a try!

Winter Wonders game


This slot is very similar to Lucky Wizard, the only difference being that it has a different theme. It takes you into a frozen world where some magic fairies will guide you through the path that will reveal a big fortune. It includes four bonus rounds which will make you feel like you’re playing a high-end video game.

Epic Journey slot machine


Prepare for an epic journey which will bring you lots of rewards by using a great theme, along with top quality graphics and great bonus rounds. When you first spin its reels, this slot machine looks like a simple game but as the time passes, you will find out more about its great features that will surely make you want to try it again.

Jingle Bells casino game


Enjoy the magic of Christmas all over the year by playing this awesome slot from Dopamine, which turns every season into winter. Enjoy all the presents from Santa Claus that can be won by only spinning those reels. An autoplay feature also lets you win its prizes without clicking the spin button!

Dopamine software provider innovative features


This software developer innovated the online gambling industry by adding some great new features in those games produced by its team. Their slot machines include lots of bonus rounds with exciting game modes that make them look like advanced video games. Being one of the new companies in this branch, Dopamine adapted immediately to the new trends and they use the latest technologies to create good-looking graphics and original gameplay systems.


The guys from Dopamine describe themselves as being ‘the world’s most innovative gaming studio’ and judging by the quality of their games, I would say they are really close to saying the truth. They can easily compete with huge companies like Microgaming or NetEnt, judging by features, graphics and sounds, and overall gaming experience.


It seems like Dopamine started a new trend in the industry of casino games development and I hope other companies will follow their example, as we surely need more games like the ones provided by them. The fact that they’re using their creativity to push the limits is a highly positive thing for gamblers who will be able to play better slots in the future.


Overall, I can only say good things about Dopamine and I am looking forward to seeing what other solutions they will come up with. On our website, you will find many games provided by this developer, and they can all be played for free, with no download, deposit or registration required. Their real money versions can be found in lots of online casinos, and we also have a whole section dedicated to them, as well. The reviews written by our team will help you choose the best gambling website for your needs.


Try the games developed by Dopamine for free, for as much as you want and then, when you’re ready, choose the best online casino for you and start trying your luck for real wins. This way, you will get used to their rules and features and you will enhance your gambling experience. You’ll surely be amazed by these great casino games and by the good job these guys do! Try the next generation of slot machines now and win the prizes they offer!

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