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Capecod review

Being specialized on online and mobile gaming, Capecod is an Italian software provider that was established in 1987. Their recent activities include creating online slot machines, applications using the HTML5 format and an extremely useful account management platform for online casinos. For more information about Capecod, read this review.

A few thoughts about Capecod

The mission statement of Capecod is a bold one: We power the game. This may seem plausible as the specialty of this company is the online and mobile gaming. For all the players to enjoy, they promise to deliver some awesome and immersive experiences.

Established in 1987, Capecod has developed a good reputation for bringing innovation in software in their thirty years of being in the business. Starting with 2007, the provider had focused on the multi-platform type of gaming.

Capecod had immediately started to adopt the products of this type of gaming and started to work on them. Their purpose was to make them correspond with the needs of a growing mobile market.

During the last few years, they released games for desktop, tablet and smartphone gadgets. The company has not limited itself to these categories, and also made some important time and resource investments in social gaming.

These games can be played for free and their popularity is increasing on social networks such as Facebook. The HTML5 apps are another specialty of Capecod, and they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Origins of an Italian slot provider

Capecod is an Italian software provider that has its headquarters in Malta. Their developers are located at the base of this firm, which is Castel Bolognese, from the Province of Ravenna. For those potential clients needing their services, Capecod provides an email address, a telephone, and also a fax number. This slot provider invites people interested in joining them to apply to its job offer using their CV.

Online casino games with an Italian touch

Proud of its national identity, Capecod has casino games with an Italian origin, but they are also available in English and other languages. Driven by passion and highly motivated, their Italian staff creates great slot machines and other casino games.

1. Online slot machines

In the beginning, their slot machines were destined for brick-and-mortar casinos. However, in the last period of time, the company started to produce online slot machines. Thus, Capecod has started to focus on virtual casinos. The slot games of Capecod contain innovative features, great sound, and finely crafted graphics.

They have created some slot games only for the Italian-speaking market, but the majority of their slots contains universal themes. They are appreciated by players from any country. The most known online slot machines from Capecod are the following:

  • Mayan Temple Revenge;
  • Ulise;
  • Il Brigantino;
  • Ancorina;

The protagonist of this slot game is a good-looking gypsy woman that wields a magic dice and is able to predict the future.

Warrior Angels

This title comes from the category of steampunk-inspired slot games and focuses on time travel and sci-fi motifs. The co-stars of the slot use their powers to bring a player some nice payouts.

Magic Land

This Capecod slot takes the user down the rabbit hole with Alice and her friends. They are joined in this adventure by the Cheshire cat, the white hare, and the caterpillar.


An awesome online slot machine where the spinner can mingle in the affairs of gods. He must be very careful, as these mystic deities can rain wrath whenever they are angered.

Immortal Blood

This vampire slot game is a cash-bringer and also a warning for every roller. They should be very careful when dealing with a deadly female vampire.

2. Table games

These games also look very good and the approach used by Capecod is three types of roulette (Fair, American, and French) and one type of blackjack. These titles are very captivating with their HD graphics and finely crafted animations.

They also contain a variety of options that allows a player to customize the betting types to suit his preferences. The website of Capecod is where all of its games can be played in demo mode. This allows both operators and players to try them for free before using the real money mode.

3. Games requiring skill and Poker

Resembling poker, La Scopa is a skill game from Capecod that is inspired by card games and yet brings something new to the table. This title was clearly created for the Italian market. Featuring regional decks of cards, the game lets any player configure the setup in one of three ways: Classic, Naples or Rebello.

Any operator can demand this game to be customized in accordance with their casino. The customization involves adjusting the design from the back of the cards, and also the cloth and the table background.

The approach of this software provider in regards to poker means their own version of Texas Hold’Em. Their poker had a tremendous success in Italy because of its solid game engine, fine graphics and the possibility of customizing it.

Great slot game themes and gameplay

Those online slot machines developed by Capecod are a proof of their imaginative and creative capacities. Their developers have created slot games with very amusing themes. An example is Chicken Hatch, the slot game that tries to determine which one came first: the chicken or the egg?

Racing and the Hollywoodian horror of 1930 are also cleverly depicted in two fine slot games, namely Drift King and Phantomask. The latter slot game has also a superhero theme combined by Capecod with the horror one.

The culture and history of the 20th century are another motif used by Capecod in Titanic 1912 online slot machine. The focus on this game is on the famous ship and its final voyage.

Managing the client’s account at online casinos

The biggest concern of a fan of online slot machines is related to features and payouts which slot games can provide. The perspective changes when it comes to casino operators. Besides their duty towards their customers, they must have a clear situation regarding the performances of their online casino.

This can help them identify those weak points that must be improved. In this case, Capecod has designed an account management platform, which is extremely useful. The software Capecod uses has full compliance with Italian gambling regulations.

Its role is to provide very useful statistics that can be accessed in real time by operators. Using it, clients can control user permissions, methods of payment and also use a built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The role of the CRM is to ease up the processes of adjusting promotions and launching loyalty schemes and bonuses. Other options provided by Capecod’s platform include the following:

  • in-game messaging;
  • reports that are auto-generated;
  • fraud-checks (which detect playing patterns that prove suspicious).
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