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Booming Games review

Casino online game industry is a very wide and developed world that can hardly surprise the gamblers anymore. The same repetitive themes for casino online slot machines, the similar graphics, and very much alike features are determining the players to always look for new thrills.

The casinos must always have their eyes wide open and their ears pricked up for new game software providers that create unique online casino slot games. The search might have come to an end with Booming Games software provider coming into the market. They have the courage to bring never seen before features and incorporate them in amazing 3D video slot machines.
But this is not everything that this software provider is doing. Keep up with this review to find out more information about the company.

But this is not everything that this software provider is doing. Keep up with this review to find out more information about the company.

About Booming Games software provider

Main Booming Games directions

Unique features implemented by Booming Games

General technicalities about Booming Games

About Booming Games software provider

This company just started to develop casino online slot machines in 2015 but unlike many other slot providers, they didn’t have to struggle too much to make a name in the online gaming world. It might seem a bit curious how a freshly new slot provider company succeeded in going straight to the top after such a short time. But when it comes to:

  • young minds
  • fresh ideas
  • fearless marketing strategies
  • fully customizable content
  • new interfaces it is kind of hard to fail and not to cut right through the old-school way of thinking when talking about online casino slot games.

And if you are an experienced casino online game player, you have probably played and won with their online slot machines. Many casinos still don’t know about this wonderful games software provider but with their casino online slot machine spreading all over the internet it will be hard not to bump into one of them.

Their first office opened in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, a far away territory with much potential. When more creative people, innovative entrepreneurs, tech-savvy programmers, and critical thinkers got together, they realized how much potential the gaming world has and created one common aim of becoming the leaders of gaming industries.

As such, the software provider has spread wide into the entire world, opening offices in:

  • Athens, Greece
  • Isle of Man, United Kingdom
  • London, United Kingdom

This geographical coverage is an amazing advantage because employing people from these countries and territories will automatically bring an extra value to the company and an unexpected boom to the business. Also, this is a great opportunity to have more precise analyzes regarding what the clients want and what the online casino slot game players need. In order to make both sides happy the company had come with inspiring ideas and systems. The diversity among their employees have drawn a couple of main directions the company is following.

Main Booming Games directions

As all games software providers, this company is trying to keep up with some strategies in order to gain the trust of as many online casinos as possible. Some of the strategies can be found on their official website or down below.

1.Creative content

  • diverse gaming content is a very important point because first of all it needs to sound appealing for the players

2. Numbers and fair configurations

  • all of their casino online slot machines are based on solid mathematical calculations
  • a precise combination between a continuously rewarding experience for the players and the jurisdictional requirements of fair configurations

3. Concepts and graphics

  • all their online casino slot games have designs and looks created entirely in-house
  • they aim for not seen before interfaces, great engineering features, and beyond imagination themes that will stick in time

4. Coding

  • all code developers know how to write all computer languages that the slots are built on

Unique features implemented by Booming Games

Everyone wants to be amazed when playing casino online slot machines. And that just fair when a player deposits large amount of money into an online casino. The fair-play payouts, different bonus rounds, and different features need to be present in any casino online game. Some of the ingenious characteristics that this games software provider has brought into the industry are being copied by many other slot machine developers.

1. Rotating feature

  • this option has been firstly introduced with Galactic Speedway online slot game
  • it is triggered by the spinning galaxy symbol
  • the reels are rotating 90 degrees in order to create new winning combinations
  • your pay lines will create different lucky mixes with the same symbols
  • it has a huge potential of rewarding the player more than one time per spin

2. Wild Reel

  • this feature is making Ice World casino slot machine more entertaining
  • it is triggered by the wild symbol
  • when activated, the reel spins extremely fast trying to find the best winning combination
  • it heats up the entire game experience

3. Level Multiplier

  • The Marketplace online slot game is featuring this rewarding option
  • the idea can be found in other casino games, but this amazing games software provider knew how to presented better
  • it is triggered when three scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels
  • the player wins 10 free spins for Level 1. If during this level, other three scatters appear on the game board, the player wins 10 more free spins
  • Level 2 will begin only after the first level is completed. All the wins during this level are doubled
  • The third stage is triggered the same and all the winnings are tripled.

General technicalities about Booming Games

Since 2015 until present, this great company has created and developed from scratch more than 50 online slots. They have some similar particularities such as:

  • most of them are spinning on a 5×3 grid system. There are some exceptions of 3×3 (Booming 7, Hero Glyphics, Do not disturb) and 4×4 (Galactic Speedway, Chicago Nights)
  • the number of pay lines varies between 9 to maximum 50 (Lotus Love)
  • most of them present gambling the wins feature that gives the player the opportunity to double or even quadruple their bets and winnings

Booming Games Casinos

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Spinson Casino
Spinson Casino
Takebonus Rating - 6.5/10
30 Free Spins Registration Bonus at Spinson
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