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Belatra Games

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Belatra Games review

Read this review and find out more about a great East-European provider specialized mostly on slot titles. They are Belatra Games from Belarus. Find out what their domain of activity is, what games of chance they are producing and try out some of their best online slot machines. The last sections of this review will inform you about their hardware and you will also find a recommendation of three old-school fruit machines from them.

The East-European Difference

Belatra Games is an East-European software provider that has an interesting slogan: Made to be different. Their specialty lies in designing and manufacturing electronic entertainment, focusing on arcades and casino games. Those slot games that have beeps, flashes and offer big jackpots could be created by them.

They have designed their gaming terminals and operating systems to integrate perfectly with existing systems, the consequence of this being an increased profitability for the casino. Belatra Games has over 20 years of experience in the slot gaming industry.

Their slot machines are found in both land-based and online casinos across the world. Crazy Cherry, Spanish Armada, and Maya Mystery are some of their products that had great success. The reason for that is a good combination of finely crafted graphics and attractive themes.

Having created also a variety of table games, this software provider has hit many important casino markets. If there is a game that has its place in a casino, then Belatra is on the move. They will first brainstorm, and then design and develop that game.

From Belarus have appeared some great slot games

Eastern Europe is a piece of the continent that supplies the slot gaming industry with many talented software providers and Belatra Games is one of them. The base of this company is in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and their operations are in many countries around the world.

The company has a sales office in Belarus and other offices in Russia, Ukraine, Argentina and the USA. This provider has a YouTube and Facebook accounts in which they are posting their latest slot games released. Among their latest releases, many users will enjoy online slot machines such as Lucky Drink, Africa Gold, and The Ghost Walks!

The pride of Belatra is their ability to set the benchmark for games which provide a great and immersive user experience. These titles are available for players and also for casinos. The founder and CEO of this firm are Yuriy Voinich, helped by director Mikhail Barsukov. The financing of their projects is a task well handled by Dmitriy Bezborodko, marketing, and finance director.

Russian casino games

With a portfolio composed of over 100 games, Belatra Games have been very active on the market in the last few years. The majority of their business was made in the Russian market. However, the next places on their list were North and South America, where their online slot machines were well received.

  • Table Games
  • Quadro Roulette;
  • HD Roulette.

Except for these two table games, the company Belatra Games has focused almost entirely on online and normal slot machines. Among their creations, a number of video pokers can also be found. However, from the graphics and themes perspectives, these titles are also influenced by their slots.

  • Video Poker Games
  • Monkey Tricks;
  • Persian Nights;
  • Octopus’s Empire.

Land-based casinos and Belatra slot machines

The traditional casinos and betting shops have a great ally in Belatra Games with their interesting portfolio of slot machines. Any such casino game they have created as an online slot machine, they can remake it for a brick-and-mortar casino. The general approach in such businesses is about maximizing floor space and maximize their revenue per square foot. Thus, it is a desirable strategy for a single console to encompass as many online slot machines as possible.

This is why a great product from this East-European company deserves to be featured in many online casinos. Its name is Billionaire 2 and is a console with HD graphics and an attractive design. This console features a set of 15 games, which contain slots, poker, and roulette.

Belatra Games online slot machines

1. An Escape From Alcatraz

This online slot machine has nice graphics and also animated sequences which make it pleasant from a graphic perspective. The spinner that manages to obtain the prisoner symbol for three times on a payline unlocks the hidden bonus feature. He can also try his luck with the Double or Quits feature. That feature is a simple game of cards that can increase his bankroll, or make him lose his prize.

2. Chukcha

This slot is a tribute to the people that live in the Russian Peninsula of Chukchi. The graphics and background are depicting the harsh living conditions. The slot machine has two bonus games available. The first one has a series of holes from which the player must make a right choice, which will award him a prize.

The second puts the player to select between two separate icons, the right choice being shown by a tambourine symbol. There is also the double or quits feature available in the base game.

3. Fairy Land 2

The online slot machine from Belatra Games takes any spinner into a magical world, where a magic frog can help him win big. When he manages to spin the bonus symbols, he will activate a hidden feature. This mini-game puts the player in control of a frog, that must cross the pond on some lily pads. When the amphibian falls into the water, the feature ends.

If one manages to reach the shore using the frog, the little animal hides from him in the bushes. He must find it using a lantern. However, if the light of the lantern shines on an alligator, then the bonus round is finished.

4. Lucky Drink

For anyone that enjoys a good drink, this online slot machine is just the right thing. The background and graphics of this slot imitate a small and comfortable pub. There is also a bonus feature available in this title, where the player faces a devil holding a pitchfork. He must make choose the right one from a series of barrels. This will deprive the devil of his prize and earn the player some extra payouts.

Hardware for casino games

There is a continuous demand for new games from players, in order to keep them interested. This means that casino operators must always think about what hardware they are using. The physical slot machines must be updated periodically to keep the pace with the new trends. They must also incorporate new algorithms, cabinets, and chipsets.

After periods of extensive testing, Belatra Games will proceed in releasing their new slot machines for clients in North America, South America, and Europe. RioGrande is Belatra Games’ latest release, having a cabinet design and also a large 22 x 27” touchscreen. The facility of a touchscreen imitates one of Belatra’s slot machines. This makes it playable in the same way on mobile and tablet.

Online slot machines with fruits

Belatra Games has produced lots of online slot machines and also lots of titles with a fruit theme. What few players know is that such a slot is actually an homage paid to the first slots that appeared in the beginning of the 20th century.

Some of the most popular classic slot games with a retro theme that contain fruits are:

  • Fruit Bar
  • The Moneymania
  • Air Mail
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