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Altea Gaming

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Altea Gaming review

There are so many software developers that create online games and casino slot machines that lately it’s been very hard for online casinos to make a difference.

Some of the online games providers have been developing and innovating the industry, while others were just following the old-school way of building slot machines and other casino games.

But it’s really depending on the preferences of the online casinos whom they will choose to provide them games.

Altea Gaming casino slot provider isn’t between the most creative companies, nor very innovative but it has been in the world of online casino games for a while now.

So their online casino games must be good and safe. Read the following review that contains almost everything you need to know about Altea Gaming.

History and development

Altea Gaming casino games provider belongs under the umbrella of Alteatec company, a group of smaller enterprises and experts in online games and casino managements systems.

The conglomerate united in 2001 and since then they have gained expertise in vast areas of the digital world such as network administration, security, development.

Their clients are coming from different fields and industries such as automotive, banking, healthcare, and most importantly for us, online gaming.

The mixture and up-to-date technologies result in a remarkable proficiency of providing accurate and creative casino slot machines and other casino games.

Altea Gaming is the company that was created especially for handling the online gaming field of work.

Altea Gaming casino games provider has its headquarter in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade from where a group of specialists work and build casino slot machines.

In the beginning, their online games were mostly recognized in the Eastern and Southern Europe because the market was closer to their geographical location.

Therefore it was easier for them to understand the players and their gaming behavior. In the following years, the group has extended and opened offices in:

  • Austria
  • Malta
  • Germany
  • Romania

Malta is among the countries that are certified to offer online casino licenses through its International Gambling Commission. So, one can rather say that they have conducted their business from strategic points.

But step by step, as Altea Gaming company started to grow and being hand-in-hand with the developing technologies, it managed to achieve the United States of America market as well.

This achievement has been one of their most important steps into becoming a global casino games provider.

All the online games software companies want to create casino slot machines for the USA because the country beholds a great number of casino game fanatic players.

Altea Gaming game software company not only creates and develops casino slot machines but it’s handling the entire process from scratch until release.

And it’s not an easy path especially when we talk about creating online casino slots. The idea and theme need to be implemented according to the results of in-depth analysis of online game players’ behavior.

It is very important to go with the current trends when creating an online casino game. For example, a lot of providers are focusing on cinematography and cartoons.

Whenever a movie has become a top box office, after a short time, a slot machine influenced by its characters and plot shall appear. There is a great number of examples, but most common can be

  • Game of Thrones
  • Big Bang Theory
  • The Dark Knight
  • Godzilla
  • The Godfather and the list can go on and on.

Altea Gaming is instead focusing on the classic themes such as fruit slot machines, Egyptian reels, and the diamonds one. A few examples:

  • fruity slot machines: Super 7 Hot, Sparking Hot, Fruit Stand, Mega Power
  • diamond and jewelry themed slot games: Diamonds, Geldsack, Precious One, Twin Reels

Most of their casino slot machines are similar:

  • usually, they have 5 reels, but there are also a couple of them with 3 or 4 reels
  • the maximum number of pay lines is usually 10, but there are the ones with 3 reels that have 5 fixed win lines
  • all of them present special symbols such as wild, scatter, bonus

The game software provider has also created roulette games and scratch cards that are following the same rules of functioning and same designs as any other online game.

Mobile version for all online casino games

All online games need to be adapted and readapted according to the multitude of gadgets on the market. Hence, all of them should have different versions according to the device the player uses.

Since all casinos want to have a large coverage in order to satisfy all players, a lot of efforts are being made.

But Altea Gaming has built another strategy. Instead of creating different formats for all devices, they have implemented a new system that builds any kind of game with a structure that adapts easily to all screens:

  • Desktops
  • notebooks
  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • phablets

This developed idea makes thing so much easier for everyone and their products can be accessed from any part of the world with any device that has a browser and internet connection.

Also, their aim is to use a back-front system that covers even more of their players’ preferences.

All of their online games are being built on HTML5 and Flash. So you either play it live or you might think downloading the software is better, there is a bit of both worlds.

But let’s not forget about the interface and what the player sees when first opens a slot machine. The design, general looks, accessibility, easiness to use, and also the background surrounding music.

With UI/UX system, Altea Gaming is creating some good looking products even if no the most eye-catching or breath-taking on the market. The slot machines have dynamic reels and some even engaging sounds.

The official website claims to use new technology, stunning graphics, and also the possibility of custom-made games, the overall content doesn’t provide much information.

Anyhow, all there is left to do is play some of their online games and convince yourself if it’s worth it or not!

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