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Alps Games

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Alps Games review

Alps Games is a software developer which offers a lot of services and products for the online gambling industry but their main focus is to create casino games that can be played by people on the internet. They develop high-quality online slot machines and table games and it’s just a matter of time until they’ll become a leading company in this industry. All the details you want to learn about this provider are structured in the following sections:

1. Basic information about Alps Games

2. The best casino games developed by this provider

3. Company’s achievements

4. Mobile solutions from Alps Games

General information about Alps Games

With years of experience and a team of experts who constantly improve the quality of their services, this software provider managed to quickly become a favorite of many gamblers from all over the world. Although they produce both land-based casino games and online machines, it seems like the public prefers the internet-based versions of their slot machines and table games more. Innovation is one of the main values the guys from Alps Games base their work on and so far they did a great job adapting their games to the tendencies from the gambling world.

Alps Games’ main priority is to offer players exactly what they look for and this is why their games use high-quality graphics and features that offer gamblers unique experiences every time they play. The online casino games developed by this producer meet all the requirements of regulated markets so you can be sure you’ll live the best possible experience when you spin the reels of an online slot machine that was developed under this brand’s name.

Best titles

The portfolio of this software provider is not too large but they have some really interesting games that provide people with both exciting game systems and big winning opportunities. Here are some of their best online casino games:

  • Anubis’ Secret
  • Submarine Adventure
  • Dream of Knight
  • Lucky Magic

Anubis’ Secret

Anubis’ Secret is a history-themed free online slot machine which takes you back to the Ancient Egypt, turning you into an explorer who wants to solve one of the biggest mysteries in the world. Spin the reels and live an extraordinary experience which will bring you lots of prizes if you’re lucky and inspired. Its graphics look like a mix between visual elements from the past and modern images, so both amateurs and experienced players will appreciate this online casino game, for sure.

Submarine Adventure

The theme of an underwater world has been approached in a lot of casino games but Alps Games offers an original image of marine animals’ life. Dive in the ocean and search for the big treasure that can bring you huge prizes, while some friendly cartoon characters help you in this journey. The nice graphics, a cool sound scheme, and an interesting gameplay make this slot machine the perfect choice for any player. No wonder why this software provider is becoming so popular among casino games players.

Dream of Knight

For the history lovers out there who want to play a free online slot machine with a romantic theme that will remind them of those movies about knights and princesses, Dream of Knight is the best choice. This slot has all you need: a great theme, good-looking graphics that combine modern design elements with old visuals, and lots of prizes hidden behind the symbols from those reels. If you needed another proof that Alps Games is a software provider which produces quality games, then this online casino game will convince you of that.

Lucky Magic

For those who need some magic in their lives, this software provider developed Lucky Magic, a slot machine that might not change a bad day into a lucky one, but has the power to bring some smiles on your face when you’re feeling down. Although it is not a funny game, Lucky Magic can make people smile by the bright colors it uses and, of course, by those big prizes triggered by combinations of symbols.


The hard work and the passion the guys from this company put in their machines brought them many awards that offer just another reason to those who don’t know if they should try the slots this software provider produces. Apart from awards and prizes, this developer also achieved great things in the past, which helped them strengthen their brand.

Innovative products that work on mobile devices

Although technology evolved and people started using their smartphones and tablets for almost everything, not all the software providers develop slot machines that work on mobile devices. This developer understood the importance of making the machines available on mobiles, so they adapted to the market’s new requirements.

Final words

Next time you want to play an online casino game and you search for software providers, you should take this developer into consideration, for sure. The original approaches over popular themes, combined with modern features and great graphics, are the main elements that should convince you to play the slots from this provider, both on your computer and mobile device. You’ll find their machines in almost any online casino from all over the world and they can be played for free, as well as for real money.

If I were to make a top of software providers, I would include this developer in the superior part because I think they have a huge potential that will help them become as popular as big companies, like Microgaming, Playtech or NetEnt. New software providers learned a lot from developers with tradition and the fierce competition from this industry can only bring positive things for gamblers.

You’ll find the machines from this software provider for free, on lots of specialized websites, as well as in online casinos where you’re able to try your luck for real wins.

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